My Husband is AWESOME!!!

I’m writing this blog today completely, relentlessly, passionately, and hopelessly in love. I know, can you believe it? I’ve been swept off my feet repeatedly, caressed sweetly, and had soft romantic phrases whispered in my ear. You know the phrases “I just paid the rent/mortgage,” “car note is taken car of,” and “I got off early so I could take you on a date” will do it for any wife. Oh and did I mention the new makeup he bought me? You all know I love opening new makeup. I also want to thank him for the spontaneous foot massages and back rubs he provides. YESSSSSSSSS!! I’m going to keep him.

Top that off with the way this man spends time with his children, wrestles with and reads to them, and takes them to the store so I can take a bath WITHOUT being interrupted!!!! Did I mention how he is a man that I want my sons to be like? Oh and I can’t forget the part about how he prays for us, teaches us the word of the Most High God, and works diligently in the kingdom. He is a bible based preacher that tells the truth, lives what he teaches, and is not a double minded. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Seriously, I’m going to keep him.


He is my awesome husband, Kevin K., and I’m so glad to have him in my life. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him. I’m so glad that God prepared me for him. He makes me better. My husband is AWESOME!!

Now, don’t dare “get it twisted,” he has his faults. He leaves his laundry on the floor like most husbands and he leaves the toilet seat up like all men. Both are super serious offenses, punishable by an abundance of attitude and nagging. But even though my husband is an “average joe” he has potential in him that is changing the world. How? He changes the world by loving his wife as Christ loves the church. He changes the world’s future by raising Godly children that are comfortably in their creation role and know how to live a balanced life. That’s why my husband is AWESOME!!!


Wives, I implore you to take a moment to think about your husband and write down all the reasons he is awesome. No matter what stage or season your marriage is in there is a reason to be grateful. Whether you are in, coming out of, or headed into a life storm, there are many reasons why your husband is awesome. Be grateful that you have someone that you can share your life with. Be appreciative of the growth that you’ve seen in yourself and in your spouse throughout your marriage. God is faithful and he is able to do all the things that he promised in his word for our marriages. We trust him with our children so we should trust him with our spouses and ourselves. Only the power of our Sovereign God can create awesome husbands, wives, marriages, and families. My God is AWESOME!!!

To hear more about my excitement for holy matrimony and The Vow Challenge check out my latest video.

Remember your vows, reapply them, and make them guaranteed. God’s past faithfulness ensures that your future is secure. YOUR MARRIAGE IS VICTORIOUS.

And it is so, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Make this week triumphant,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Published by Ta'Neisha K.

Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

11 thoughts on “My Husband is AWESOME!!!

  1. Hello my name is cassandra and I just viewed your video about your son.i know that it was no one but God that lead me to ur viedo and I was wanting to talk to u and ask u a few questions. I will be looking forward to talking to u.

      1. I do have a Facebook account but prefer to converse via email. Using the contact for will send it directly to my email and I will reply back to your email from there. You can access the form here and it will open in a new window.

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