I’m my own Nail Tech

So, it all started after I was given the nonreturnable gift of fungus from a nail salon. This happened not once, but twice! When I went to the nail shop with the SUPER WACKTASTIC GIFT OF FUNGUS I was blamed for it both times. The first incident the tech just filed away at the rotten acrylic and tried immediately infill it. The second time occurred soon thereafter and I decided not to return.

Now, of course this fungus tragedy might not be enough for you to quit nail salons all together, but for me it was. This occurred after I’d started to pay attention to the cleanliness of the salon. Don’t get me wrong, the salon was not particularly “dirty” and their practices were that of any other nail business I’d visited since I was 12. I just realized that I preferred a higher level of cleanliness.

If I see you frown up at the fungus on a person’s toes, HOW DARE YOU roll your chair to me and use the same files on my toes. Ladies, don’t act like you haven’t seen that happen.

What about the cuticle oil container? How many cuticles has this oil brushed touched? How many were bleeding? <– Don't act like you haven't been nicked by the hand file. And, what about that hand file? How many people have been nicked? How much blood is on it?

Oh, let's not forget the countless times I've been burned by the nail drill. Being burned by the nail drill refers to the warm/hot and stinging sensation you receive on your nail beds. You do know that you aren’t supposed to be burned by the nail drill, right.

Finally, I should mention how my natural nails would look like a train ran over them once the acrylic was removed. All those lines embedded and the ridges left from horrible filing with the electric drill. My natural nails were so thin and fragile and my nail beds were super sensitive. And most times I would remove the old acrylic and get a new set hours later. <–HORRIBLE DECISION It took a long time to nurse them back to health, but I did.

Now ladies, don’t leave me crazy comments about how I can’t say my horror stories are indicative of every nail salon. First, because I never said that, and second, because I am completely aware that not all nail techs/salons are the same. These are just a few of the incidents that made me choose to invest money into myself and learn a new talent.

If you’re interested in what I keep in my nail kit and a review of the Nailite Inc Omega System then check out my recent videos. If you have any nail shop stories please share them in the comments below.

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Make this week chichi,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

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Nailite Inc Omega System

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