Coral Completes Me

The title of this blog probably sounds a little bit silly; however, it is the truth. Coral is my happy color.

I love that it’s not too pink. I love that it’s not too orange. I just love that it’s coral. I love how this color compliments every woman. I especially love how this color brightens the myriad of complexions within every ethnicity. CORAL IS THE COOLEST COLOR!!


Coral truly brightens my day when I wear it on my lips, fingertips, or add it to my outfit of the day. If I’m not in the best mood I know I can add a pop of coral to pick me up. I even have coral workout clothes! Well since I’m a housewife, most of my wardrobe is workout clothes, but coral is noted within that collection. I seriously think I burn more calories when I work out in coral. Okay, as much as I’d like the end of that sentence to be true, it isn’t. But a little embellishment doesn’t delete my feelings that CORAL IS THE COOLEST COLOR!!

Coral is my happy color.

Coral completes me.

To see a casual coral catwalk check out this fashion video.

To see how a true Coralista color blocks then watch this recent outfit of the day video.

Make this week CORALicious (okay that may be a bit over the top)

Make this week colorful,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

Comment below and tell me about your happy color?

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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