Grandfathers are GREAT!


Here recently, we went on two vacations which included visits to our grandfathers. Now that you’ve read the previous sentence, ask yourself these quick questions:
-When is the last time you visited your grandparents?
-What is the last time you visited your aunts or uncles?
-When is the last time you visited any of your older family members?

If you have to really think to remember these visits, then it is past time for you revisit those people and create some fresh memories.


There is nothing like spending time with those who are responsible for creating the awesome parents that created you. There is nothing like taking a trip down memory lane and learning some of the history that lies within your veins. There is nothing like watching eyes of all ages light up as older generations meet, hug, and love on younger generations. There is nothing like family.


During our visits I got to meet family on my husband’s side, that I’d never met before. I met aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins that I have enjoyed getting to know. I made some precious memories, tasted Aunt Barbara’s famous culinary creations, attended a birthday party, and pick some apples from my grandfather’s Apple tree. I learned the history of my husband’s grandfather and how he changed his life. I also enjoyed listening to my own grandfather tell me where he was when President Kennedy died. He also shared memories of my grandmother that I’d never heard before. While visiting, I made sure that I asked hard, life questions and I received truthful answers from both of them. I was so grateful that they were open, honest, and willing to share their lives with me.



Life is short. My grandfathers have lived on this earth for 80+ years but that is not a long time. No matter what older relatives you have left, MAKE THE TIME to spend time with them. MAKE THE TIME to spend with your family. Share the history with your children and take photographs of these precious memories.

Click the link below to hear the stories and lessons that I learned while visiting my grandfathers.

If you are interested in emailing me directly then use this contact form.

Make this week memorable,
~Ta’Neisha K.~

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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