The Mom Bob

I know you’ve all seen her. That cool mom. The stylish mom. The hot mom. That mom looking so gorgeous and chic because her mom bob is on point. Don’t act like you’ve never seen and desired the mom bob

I must admit that the bob is my favorite hairstyle because it is so versatile and trendy. The bob is a timeless, ever changing, and unique hairdo that is sure to turn heads. The ease of manageability makes this hair style perfect for corporate women on the rise, busy women on the go, and the rest of us 24/7-365 moms. Let’s face it, the mom bob keeps us “hip” <Do people still say that?> looking like the mom we’ve all seen and secretly desired to be. 

Now, I currently don’t have my own tresses cut into a bob. Nope. Husband is out on me chopping off my mid back length, natural hair; however, I’m forever incorporating this look thanks to various wigs I own. My husband always says between my natural hair and the wigs interchanging, it is like meeting a new woman each week. I must agree that when I add a pop of color or wear an asymmetrical bob my swagger is undeniable. Nothing like looking cute and feeling great because your hair is on fleek. <Is fleek still a thing?>

So with all that being said, ladies embrace your bob! Rock your bob! Shake your bob! Take each stride in confidence knowing that your hair is so gorgeous  no one even notices that you’re wearing yoga pants to the library story time, again. Seriously, again. Whether you cut your own hair or wear a cute wig, own your bob and show it off like only you can. 

Make this week stylish,

~Ta’Neisha K.~

Check out my favorite bob units via my recent videos

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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