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Here at Team Kemp Academy we are truly enjoying our homeschool journey. Every day is filled with new discoveries, new tactics to help my children/students stay on task, and opprotunities to create awesome memories. I can’t believe our oldest is starting second grade and our youngest is one month old. Time is certainly flying by in a marvelous way. 

I still remember our first day of our first year of homeschool and all the feelings that came with it. I can’t promise that your start or process in this journey will be easy but I do want you to have resources to help you get started or take your homeschool to the next level. Below you will find videos from my Spring 2015 Homeschool Tips and Tools series. Feel free to use these helpful hints and resources to make your homeschool a great place for the scholars you birthed and raise. 

Homeschool Support, Encouragement, and Resources: Finding resources for your homeschool can be challenging especially when it seems that you don’t have the support of those around you. Don’t fret because I support you and decided to share some encouragement to brighten your day. 

How to find, create, or join a Homeschool Group: Ever wonder if there are other homeschool families in your area? Want to start a weekly park meet up or library time for your children? Need to chat with parents that understand your choice to educate at home? Check out this video for details on how to find likeminded homeschoolers and create a parent group in your area.

Homeschool Rewards Programs: Did you know that popular reading rewards programs are now offered to homeschool students? Your students can be rewarded with pizza, ice cream, and even local amusement park tickets. Here you will find information about a few of our favorite incentive programs.

Homeschool Field Trips: Did you know that by inviting other homeschool families to your scheduled field trip your group can pay the discounted school rate? Yep, just an invitation will save your family and others money on planned field trips. In addition, I share how you can add a field trip to your current unit study or weekly theme. 

Homeschool Organization (Planner & Curriculum): Just a few resources to add encouragement pieces to your homeschool planner and how our work is organized. 

I truly hope this homeschool series helped you and feel free to share it with other families. It is our family prayer that our arrows flourish while being educated at home and any tools or tips to aid in that process is greatly appreciated. We pray that your school is blessed and you have a terrific academic year. 
Happy homeschooling!

~Ta’Neisha K.~

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