Faith Through Frustration 

It was FOOTBALL SATURDAY!!!  Our oldest had just scored a touchdown on the field, while the sleepy, frustrated, and hot toddlers were acting out in the bleachers.  As team mom, I tried to smile and push through the tantrums but at half-time, I was fed ALL THE WAY UP.  I decided to head to the car and at the park entrance gate I saw a boy sitting alone and crying.  My heart melts because the boy looks like he is my oldest son’s age, with glasses and everything.  Mind you, I watched several families walk past him and not acknowledge him at all.

Mother instinct kicked in, I approached him and introduced myself, but kept some distance.  He told me he was lost and couldn’t find his mother.  I asked if he could help me help him by telling me his name and who he is here with.  Then, I took him around the park until we found his brother’s team and his mother.

I’m so glad we found them.

Now, I’m not writing this to brag or to talk bad about the parent who lost their child.  I am writing this because even though my children’s behavior had me frustrated, it was all part of God’s plan to get me to be there, at the time that child needed me to help him.  The story of this lost son had a happy ending and for that I’m so grateful.

There are times in life when we are so frustrated and wondering what is happening and why is it happening.  Yes, even the Holy Ghost filled believer will occasionally wonder.  But, if you’re being obedient to the will and word of God, then you need not wonder or wander astray in times of frustration.  He is faithful to his children and he loves us.  Don’t fret or let the cares of your current situations deter you from the high calling in Christ Jesus.  Don’t second guess your ordered steps and wander off course to try things your way either.  It may be uncomfortable now, but if you hold fast you will grow from this and your testimony will help someone else.

This couldn’t have happened at a better time because lately I’ve been rethinking my steps, wondering if I missed something.  I had been asking “God, did I get it wrong?”  I’ve found myself wondering what is going on and why it is happening to me.  But today’s situation reminded me that my frustration is not for naught.  God hears me, perfectly ordered my previous steps, and continues to order my current and future steps.  Even in this very situation, after the boy was returned to his mother, I could hear the Father saying “just trust me because you’re in the right place.”

God is so faithful!

I take joy in knowing that wondering moments in my walk are quickly ceased by his word.  I only know to trust him.  I must keep my faith through my frustration so I can pass the test and grow.  The same goes for you because in due time, if you abide in him, all trials become testimonies.  So dear believer, keep pressing!

Keep the faith through frustrations so you will endure until the end.



Make this week triumphant,

~Ta’Neisha K.
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