God’s Confirmation Gives Confidence

Don’t let your faith waiver when you occasionally wonder if you are giving your children all they need. Just ask God for gentle reminders and remain confident in his ability to provide.

Faith Through Frustration 

It was FOOTBALL SATURDAY!!!  Our oldest had just scored a touchdown on the field, while the sleepy, frustrated, and hot toddlers were acting out in the bleachers.  As team mom, I tried to smile and push through the tantrums but at half-time, I was fed ALL THE WAY UP.  I decided to head to theContinue reading “Faith Through Frustration “

God WILL Provide

This social media status came across my memories today and I had to share it with you all.   “Husband was on the phone when he said the quote of the day, “My wife hasn’t worked in 7 years.”  I remember praying to be a SAHM.  I remember the day I became one and my husbandContinue reading “God WILL Provide”

Marriage Bloopers

Think back to the day you said “I do” to the love of your life and vowed to keep the covenant of marriage forever. Wasn’t that a great day? Now fast forward to the day you realized that the wonderful person you married was not as “perfect” as you thought and your marriage wasn’t either.Continue reading “Marriage Bloopers”