We love Whistlefritz!

Whistlefritz is a language curriculum which offers complete programs designed to teach your children various languages.  Our household was so excited to receive and subsequently review the Educator’s Spanish Collection.  This collection includes the five Spanish for Kids DVDs, three  Spanish for Kids CDs, the Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids book, and Spanish Matching Cards.  This program is designed for Pre-K and early Elementary students.

While using the WhistleFritz Spanish curriculum we decided to focus mainly on introducing the new language to our preschoolers. With Bam Bam and Princess we were able to go through the lessons fairly easily.  Both enjoyed repeating the Spanish words and holding a conversation in their new language. I always smiled while watching them get excited about viewing the DVDs and learning about the characters. Each DVD allows you the opportunity to watch it completely in Spanish, with or without English subtitles.  We chose to watch these without the subtitles and the children were able to still pick up on the new words and understand the conversations.  We always watched the DVDs together and the preschoolers had so much fun learning about the various topics.


These products were also helpful for reviewing Spanish with Bear. Even though he was doing his own school work,  I’d hear him quietly responding during the preschooler’s lessons.  He also enjoyed playing the memory matching cards game with Bam Bam.  Bear also liked following along with the DVDs because the conversations were completely in Spanish and provided additional practice opportunities.  The music CDs were also a huge hit for our preschoolers.  Music is a great way to teach and reinforce new things so we were happy to use these every week.  As our children practiced their new language, I also made it a point not to focus so much on translation with them.  By just using the words frequently and repeating the teaching text, as stated in the lesson plans, I found that all the children picked the language up a bit more quickly.  Turns out, they didn’t need as much help adjusting to Spanish as I originally thought.

Overall our family has enjoyed using the Educators Spanish Collection by Whistlefritz.  I love the idea of teaching via a multi-sensory approach coupled with language immersion in all areas.  We also took our lessons on the road by creating different Spanish playlists on Spotify.  In the car we were able to listen to familiar nursery rhymes, family favorites, and even worship music in Spanish.

Whistlefritz also offers language curriculum options for French.  You can click this hyperlink to read more about how other Homeschool Review Crew members are using the various products offered by Whistlefritz.  

Hacer esta semana fenomenal, 

Ta’Neisha K. 

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