Fostering Bilingual Education in Your Homeschool (Pre-K to 4th)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Bonjour! Today’s review features a detailed look at the Educator’s French Collection by Whistlefritz. This award-winning collection is available in physical or digital format and was created with the help of educators. The videos, music CDs, lesson plans, and flashcards allow you to confidently teach Pre-K through early elementary French instruction in your homeschool. A free Home Educator’s Guide download is also included with your curriculum purchase.

Before beginning the Whistlefritz Educator’s French Collection, it is suggested to read through the Home Educator’s Guide. The Home Educator’s Guide offers a weekly schedule showing how to incorporate lessons, music, videos, and flashcards in your homeschool. The first two weeks of the Home Educator’s Guide focus on understanding the sounds of the language which was especially helpful for a beginner like me. Translation Guides and lyrics are also available for free download to help you understand the language you are teaching.

Learn more about Whistlefritz  immersion teaching here:

Educator’s French Collection includes:

  • French Lesson Plans houses 40 reproducible lessons
  • French for Kids Videos teach vocabulary through an appealing blend of live-action and animation film
  • French for Kids Music CDs add singing and dancing to an irresistible mix of upbeat songs and rhythms.
  • Matching Cards are a playful introduction to action words.


Whistlefritz programs are known for teaching using the “language immersion” methodology.  This method has been proven by research to be the most effective way to teach children languages. Introducing children to different languages early, even as infants increases their ability to learn two languages simultaneously without confusion or delay. Anyone aged 0 to 3,000 can benefit from using the Educator’s French Collection by Whistlefritz!  Bilinguals are also known to develop stronger cognitive and brain processes such as paying attention, multi-tasking, and flexible thinking. Research also noted vast improvements in social skills, being able to take the perspective of others and feel empathy. We recommend this fun language curriculum and all their teaching materials!

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