Jan/Feb Homeschool Wrap-up (2018)

Oh, did you think I forgot to share our January and February homeschool wrap-ups with you?

In January we spent time reconnecting with each other and our curriculum, went on field trips, attended church co-op classes, took a family vacation, created several art masterpieces, completed a couple of DIYs, held a balloon release in memory of a loved one, and celebrated a myriad of silly holidays. We also participated in Jamerrill Stewart’s Mega Motherhood daily photo challenge on Instagram.

January Homeschool Wrap Up

Here you’ll see a few moments during our celebrations of fun holidays:

We visited Texas Motor Speedway for a fun field trip

Last but certainly not least we celebrated my father-in-love’s birthday via balloon release. We decided to share the video about Vernon R. Kemp, on YouTube so the whole family could see it.

In February, we enjoyed getting back into our routine again. This year Texas actually had a winter season so it was hard getting out of the warm bed and back on track. We had a great time getting together with our church homeschool group and they even started a book club for all ages. One of the children’s favorite things was creating Marble Shaving Cream art. It was so much fun and the children had a blast getting messy while creating masterpieces.

We celebrated Bear’s 10th birthday. I cried tears of joy but I managed to get through it. We turned our house into an arcade and it was awesome!

All in all the past two months have been full of joy. I truly love educating my children at home. I also had some pivotal moments when I decorated our kitchen, created a gallery wall, and decorated our bathrooms. These changes definitely made a difference in our household atmosphere.

You can hear more about dealing with the loss of another loved one, our new schedule, and curriculum update via this recent YouTube video.

Comment below and tell me how your homeschool year has been going.

Make today grand,

Ta’Neisha K

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5 thoughts on “Jan/Feb Homeschool Wrap-up (2018)

  1. Ta’Neisha great way of summarizing Jan & Feb. I enjoyed all of your vlog videos posted in the blog! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your life! Happy Birthday to Bear! Also, I am sorry for your loss the ballon release was touching!

  2. Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Loved your little one having a taste of the shaving cream. lol. Schools been going great… We have just finished week 8… I’m in Australia.

  3. I love your energy and how you said that 2018 was the “freest year yet” for you. How refreshing! And Kenden’s birthday party had a creative theme – is he a gamer? My son (14) is a gamer. Time does go by fast – how did they get so big? I enjoyed the balloon release with your family – that was beautiful. I wish you the best for March!

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