FREE Family Fun at the Arena Game

Recently our family with blessed with several free tickets to arena games over the weekend. We had a awesome time attending games on Saturday and Sunday evening.

The football game layout was very casual where the players actually talked and interacted with the audience throughout the game. One of our friends is a coach and we were able to talk with him several times. It was amazing to be so close to the action, here the actual plays being called, and watch the referees have discussions over calls. They also let you keep any ball that landed in the audience our oldest, Bear was happy to be given the final game ball. After the game you’re also allowed to go out on to the field where the players hang out and sign autographs.

The basketball game is totally different when it comes to the atmosphere. Since the court is smaller they have areas for and workshops set up on each side of the court. Children are able to go down and spend the entire basketball game hanging out, building things, and are even given snacks. The building activities were awesome because they were made with kits provided by Home Depot. Home Depot also brought volunteers to work the stations while the children played. Most parents let their children go down alone but I prefer to go with my children and ensure their safety. If you arrive to the game early your children also get to participate in the opening. Here is some footage from our fabulous weekend.

If you have a arena teams in your area we definitely recommend checking them out. Not only did we receive free tickets for this game, they also passed out free tickets for the subsequent home games. We are able to enjoy the rest of the season for free!

Totally unrelated but here is the winner of the Pencil Grip Inc. Magic Stix Markers giveaway. Winner has already been contacted, replied to email, and her prize is on the way.

Make this week grand,

Ta’Neisha K.

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