Book of the Month: I’m Going to be the Greatest Mom Ever… by Terri Camp

Every once in a while you come across a book that is going to pull several emotions out of you. Reading Terri Camp Stevenson’s personal narratives in I’m Going to be the Greatest Mom Ever had me laughing, crying, screaming, nervous, and hopeful. I actually received this book in a lot that I purchased from a homeschool mom on eBay. I have a read through this book twice in the three years that I have owned it. Each time that I’ve flipped through the pages I’m reminded that everyone has good and bad days but with God’s guidance, we will endure.

We are in a unique position as homeschooling moms. We can stop whenever we are doing to get down on my knees and pray. There is no chance that we will get fired from our job for “public display of religion.” Enter the Holy of Holies and plead for those around you who have been injured by the enemy. When God says, “Pray!” be the one who says, “Yes, Lord.” -Page 175

After reading this passage in the book I immediately felt excited and convicted at the same time. I have been guilty of going through the day without even spending a moment with God. I also definitely notice the difference in my reactions when I don’t spend time with Him. This brief passage reminded me that it is imperative to spend meaningful time in prayer each day.

“To die for” has changed the tone of our house. What am I willing to do for my family?… “To die for” is more than doing good deeds or being extra nice. It’s lowering your standards in cleanliness So your children can learn how to do jobs around the house. It’s allowing a few crumbs around the edges to have a younger child help with the vacuuming. It’s about taking a child has been sulky all day for a nice walk with mom. – Page 180

This passage was a humbling example of how selfless we should be as wives, mothers, and servants of Christ. Taking on responsibilities adds levels of difficulty to your life but our mindset determines our to manage things successfully. Caring for our families and educating our children requires selflessness not selfishness.

Overall I think I’m Going to be the Greatest Mom Ever by Terri Camp Stevenson was a fun, relatable, and encouraging book to read. The only thing that I would change is the organization because she does tend to bunch up the stories that she tells. Though the chapters were short, some reorganization and subtitles might have been helpful to clearly convey her thoughts. I really enjoyed her personal narratives, honesty, and her willingness to help other mothers realize that they are not alone.

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