Fall Homeschool Wrap-up (Sept., Oct., & Nov. 2018)

These last three months flew by and I have so much to share with you. Hang on to your seats because this is going to include a variety of AWESOME THINGS.

During this month I found out that princess knows a lot more than I thought that she did. Being my beautiful, youngest, preschool baby girl she has a tendency to quit school often. However, apparently, even though she is in the room on the floor playing or outside the door, my little girl is soaking up so much knowledge. For that, I am truly grateful. I also learned that Bam Bam is much further along in math than I ever knew that he was. Bear has taken it upon himself to teach his brother addition and subtraction. Y’all, I had no idea!

Bear was able to show me his preferences for independent learning time. That boy will do anything to have access to a fresh science project. We had a family art day in the kitchen where the younger two used apple slices to paint. Before the painting began, we started our color wheel lessons by using red and yellow to create orange. Bear has also been learning how to draw cartoons with a book I picked up from Mardel.

The next month we were able to get back on our daily schedule. The children were excited about reading different books and we actually completed another one from the
Wizard of Oz series. Although I didn’t get to read everything on my list, I was very impressed with the number of books that my children read even without me being present. We planned several field trips this month but a few of them did get rained out. Bear’s football team did well but wound up coming in 8th place for the league. Whether they won or lost, Princess kept her pom-poms going and no one cheered louder at his game #TeamKEMP.

The boys both participated and graduated from their introduction to hockey classes and of vlog will be coming soon with that video footage. We were also able to attend an event paying homage to my father-in-law’s championship football team. A video featuring the details of that 50th anniversary will also be coming this month. We finished October by dropping the children off at my father’s so my husband and I could spend the weekend together celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. Oh, and we found the “missing” math book in the blinds.

November brought our Texas homeschool some crazy weather let some awesome memories. We endured temperatures ranging from 16°-80° paired with plenty of rain and wind. Whenever we had a chance to get outside we definitely took advantage of that opportunity. We started the month celebrating Thanksgiving via our co-op’s luncheon. We now have 200 children participating! We learned about civics then took a field trip to the voting booth. Bam Bam celebrated his 5th birthday and we held an AWESOMENESS PARTY in his honor.

Bear has grown tremendously and is now 5’1″ tall. He’ll DEFINITELY be taller than me in two years or less. Princess has created a fondness for all things planner a related but has me so excited. She has her own mini and classic sized Happy Planners with a plethora of stickers and accessories. While riding in the car we found a fondness for Hank the Cowdog audiobooks. All the children enjoy listening to this series that I also enjoyed in my childhood. We also took some time to celebrate my dad’s 61st birthday and hosted Thanksgiving.

Here are some awesome bullet points from last three months (** means vlog is coming soon):

  • Attended the local state fair**
  • Had a play date with neighborhood homeschool friends
  • YAY, the Hoopla app is available through our Amazon Fire Stick
  • Celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the McGregor Bulldogs Championship Football Team**
  • Learned about the color wheel
  • Read 25 books**
  • Attended co-op events
  • Bear and Daddy had an EPIC MATH CHALLENGE on our blackboard
  • Took a family road trip
  • Learned about John Henry and watched the movie
  • Took a two-week homeschool break
  • Weekend trip to Pa-Pa’s
  • Kevin & I celebrated 11 Years of Marriage
  • Learned about Johnny Appleseed
  • Bam Bam and Princess painted with apples
  • Bear practiced drawing cartoons
  • Attended Chemistry class at our homeschool co-op
  • The boys participated and graduated from the Dallas Stars Rookies Hockey Class **
  • Bam Bam’s AWESOMENESS party was great!
  • Bear grew three inches this year
  • Princess conquered recognizing all alphabets and most sounds
  • Bam Bam counted to 100
  • Hosted Thanksgiving at our home

Overall the past three months have been great and December is definitely headed in the same direction.

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Make this week educational,

Ta’Neisha K.

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