Waffle Cone Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas!

Today I will be sharing with you a quick family vlog featuring our festive, Christmas Eve activity from last night. The Cool Kids created some awesome edible art using a few items from our kitchen.

Here is a list of items used for this holiday project:

  • waffle cones
  • various colored icing
  • candy
  • crushed cookies or pop tarts
  • sprinkles
  • plastic cutlery

You can also make your own icing and adjust the ingredients list to match the children in your home. I wanted to keep this low cost so I only used what I had in the pantry.

Watch our family vlog to see how we these snacks made for our family competition.

We had so much fun adding this to our annual Christmas Eve activities. The children’s finished products were unique and quite tasty. Don’t worry, children rarely take more than a few bites after making these.

Thankfully, holiday season is still going strong so feel free to grab a cone and invite the children in your home to decorate it.

Make this season bright,


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