Community Helpers Field Trip

Our theme for this month is Community Helpers and this week we focused on First Responders and Emergency Medical Services. Throughout the week we read books and watched documentaries to learn about First Responders and those that offer emergency medical services. For our younger children, I focused on dialing 911 and when that phone number should be used. I also wanted them to become familiar with medical workers in hopes they would not be scared in case of an emergency. For our oldest, I focused on learning the job responsibilities and equipment used. We discussed the details of being a 911 Operator, EMT, and Paramedic.

Awesome Ambulances by Tony Mitton was a great resource book for Bam Bam and Princess. It included information about equipment, calling 911, and terminology used by the medical community. Bear enjoyed his research books but preferred the tour videos he saw on YouTube. He was able to explore an ambulance, medical kit, and a medical transport helicopter. This week we also enjoyed a virtual field trip featuring my sister-in-law Tiffany. She provided us with details on her job as an EMT and showed us some of the equipment used on site. You can watch a blog on our virtual field trip by checking out our most recent YouTube video.

Overall, I think this was a great week to kick off our Community Helper series and I look forward to exploring more with my children next week. For additional details on the videos that we watched on YouTube, you can view the Community Helpers playlist that I created.

Happy homeschooling,

Ta’Neisha K.

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3 thoughts on “Community Helpers Field Trip

  1. I see something that called my attention in this post. And it’s that you focused in getting your kids to learn through their favorite way. Often the way is not important but the result and there is were schools fail trying to get children to learn at the same speed and through the same method when humans are all different. One preferred a book and the other one a video. But both of them learned the same at the end of the day and thats what matters 💙

  2. What a great subject to learn about! And how wonderful to have someone in the family to be able to talk to your kids about what’s involved in that line of work.

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