Prayer for 2019 (& December Homeschool Wrap-up)

As this year comes to a close, I am once again completely in awe that we had some wonderful times and made it through some tough times. God is so faithful and our family is grateful that he has guided us, loved us, and blessed us with an opportunity to end 2018 and begin a New Year.

Here are some great things we did this month:

  • Volunteered for Feed My Hungry Children
  • Filled our Sparkle Box with gifts for Jesus Christ
  • Took a winter break from homeschool
  • Visited family and celebrated a wedding
  • Spent time with friends
  • Enjoyed the last Book Club meeting of this year
  • Played Snow Man bowling
  • Watched plenty of Christmas movies
  • Celebrated Christmas with our annual Family BBQ

I truly hope that this blog post reminds you to reflect on the good and the bad that occurred throughout this year. Good times give us precious memories to look back on and allow us to smile here and again. Pushing through those tough times is what gives us a backbone, strengthens our prayer life and grows our faith in God. Be grateful for both and move into 2019 with peace.

We also made Waffle Cone Christmas Trees. If you missed that family vlog, check it out on YouTube.

Here is my prayer for you:

Father God, thank you for the reader of my blog posts and viewers of the YouTube videos because their support has afforded a myriad of opportunities and for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you for family, friends, and all the memories we have made with them this year. Thank you for the year 2018! It might not have been perfect but strengthening our obedience to your will and growth in your word was worth every obstacle encountered. Thank you for every year ending with reminders to be thankful in November and to spread CHRISTmas joy in December! And finally, Lord thank you for the birth, life, death, and subsequent resurrection of your son Jesus Christ through which we have immediate access to salvation. Just as you did this year, and in every moment of time prior, we trust you to guide us into and through 2019 because we can accomplish nothing without you. In the name of Jesus, Amen

We accomplished a lot more but I think that’s enough to share for now. This is the last blog post for 2018 and I pray that it finds you all in the best of health, strength, and faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for each and every person that has supported my hobbies this year and hope you found encouragement, laughs, and learned a few new things. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

See you in 2019,

Ta’Neisha K.

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

3 thoughts on “Prayer for 2019 (& December Homeschool Wrap-up)

  1. Such great memories to keep forever. Your family is doing an amazing job, teaching compassion, having, fun, learning. You are creating the great citizens of the future 💙

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