Review: Stop Motion Animation Kit (Stopmotion Explosion)

My son has been longing to try stop motion animation projects ever since he saw the first Lego Movie. So, of course, we jumped at a chance to create via the new kit from Stopmotion Explosion. This kit features a software CD, a detailed guide book, a quick start guide, and an HD webcam. In our review, you’ll learn my thoughts on the Stop Motion Animation Kit and watch a video featuring Bear’s creative process.

Overall Packaging
Upon arrival, I was happy that everything arrived in a small box. Once opened, I appreciated that each item was placed neatly inside. Some items, like the camera, were extra protected with bubble wrap. I will definitely be keeping my items in this box for safekeeping for future use.

Quick Start Guide
This provides an overview of how to use or install all of the items you receive. Within this small pamphlet, you will be guided through any necessary installation instructions with added tips to ensure success. Notes are included with printed links to their website or specific videos that can help you further understand. References to the book are also provided for additional help. I appreciated the easy access to information in this guide. The illustrations included throughout also provided added reassurance as we learned how to use the kit components.

Software CD
As stated in the Quick Start Guide, the installation process began immediately after inserting the software CD. The program was completely installed, scanned, and ready to use within 10 minutes. My son completed this process by himself without any issues. He found the program to be completely user-friendly for children and adults.

HD Webcam
The webcam can be easily added as a device via your computer’s USB port. The camera is easy to set up and focus for the perfect shooting experience. We did not have any issues taking photos, saving them, or playing any footage obtained. You can tell this is a high-quality camera as the photos taken are CRYSTAL CLEAR and TRULY DEFINED.

Stopmotion Explosion: Animate Anything and Make Movies book

I found the book to be a true gem in this kit! This book includes loads of tips, tricks, and helpful hints within the 17 chapters. There are also plenty of passages featuring the history of stop motion animation along with the updates technology has brought. Detailed instructions for designing characters, filming certain styles of footage, and creating a storyline are also provided. My favorite part is the chapter on lighting because I can use that for YouTube videos and daily selfies.

WATCH THIS VIDEO to hear Bear’s thoughts on this product

We enjoyed our experience with the Stop Motion Animation Kit and Bear created several movies with it. After creating his first three videos he had a new found respect for animators across the globe. He did get frustrated on occasion as he perfected his creative process; however, he pushed through successfully. I was so proud of him for completing his videos and learning something new. He plans to continue using the Stopmotion Explosion book to learn how to create different projects.

Click the picture below to see other creative stop motion projects by the Homeschool Review Crew.

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8 thoughts on “Review: Stop Motion Animation Kit (Stopmotion Explosion)

  1. Bear is so well spoken! My oldest is obsessed with legos but definitely doesn’t have that kind of patience yet. This is a neat package deal though!

  2. This looks so cool for my kids. You provided so much detail and explanation which I love! Thank you! 😊

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