Review: Pathway to Liberty’s Middle Ages History Curriculum

Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum offers an engaging, biblical worldview style for educating school-aged children. Their easy to use, family oriented approach allowed my Kindergartner and 5th grader to walk through The Middle Ages together. We look forward to sharing our experience with Pathway to Liberty’s History Curriculum.

The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages is the second year of study which covers the impact of the Christian church from its origin, through the Roman Republic, Heroic Age, and Age of Exploration. The information about Rome’s advance and decline were also thoroughly detailed during this course. Stories of faithful followers of God turned martyrs are also covered along with the canonization of the Bible. We received The Middle Ages Teaching and Student Guides for Level 1 and Level 2. We also received The Chain of Liberty book and Study Guide, both written by Jayme Maccullough. Several additional books will need to be purchased in order to completely teach this course.

The course includes 26 weekly lessons that range from 20 minutes to 60 minutes daily. The Teaching Guide gives instructions on using and teaching the curriculum and an answer key for each assignment. The Student Guides have the weekly calendar along with the assignments. You will need one Student Guide for each child, on their age appropriate level, in your home. YouTube videos are also included beginning in week three and are watched weekly for the remainder of the course. Though this is a history curriculum, the provided assignments turn it into a comprehensive writing, vocabulary, and geographic course too.

Assignments include:

  • scripture study
  • word study
  • map labeling
  • variety of creative and informative writing
  • diagrams
  • copy work
  • reading assignments

The Chain of Liberty book and Study Guide

The Chain of Liberty book offers Jayme Maccullough’s thoughts on the principles of liberty. I think of this as a topical index to summarize the things covered in this curriculum. The Chain of Liberty Studyguide features questions for each section of the book.

Level 1
Level 1 is designed for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Though the course is written for four weekly lessons, after the second week, I thought it best to make immediate adjustments for my five-year-old. I found the lesson length, details, and most assignments to be too much for my Kindergartner to complete in one day. We ended up doing taking eight days to finish a complete weekly lesson. I also found the suggested YouTube videos to be a bit much for Bam Bam’s attention span as well. To combat this I just found some additional videos that were more age appropriate and colorful to keep his attention. I found the assignments and information provided to be appropriate for the course but too many adjustments had to be made for my Kindergartner. I definitely suggest this course to be completed as created for children in 3rd grade.

Level 2
Level 2 is designed for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders who are comfortable with the extra reading and writing. For this age, writing assignments are two paragraphs weekly along with some beginning research options. During the review period, I used this level with my 11-year-old son Bear. For the first three weeks, I did my best to teach him along with our Kindergartener; however, I decided to make several changes. I did keep Bear on the four days a week schedule and had him complete all assignments as indicated in the Teaching Guide. For this level, I appreciated the detailed writing assignments. I actually had Bear expand some of his into research papers whenever he wanted to continue studying the topic. Bear really liked the extra reading and often read ahead because he liked the books so much. He thought the YouTube videos were interesting but preferred other DVDs we found on the topics instead. Aside from reading, the map and word study assignments were his favorite things to do. I definitely think that this level has age-appropriate activities, reading assignments, and other options to engage older students.

Being a homeschool family means we are able to teach a curriculum that caters to our family’s needs. Pathway to Liberty Homeschool Curriculum offers material to aid you with that. Though I had to make adjustments, my children were taught to think biblically about history through The Middle Ages. I appreciated how the lessons included information about the growth, persecution, and martyrdom of the early church. I also like the commitment to ensuring an understanding of the power of the Gospel and the relationship it has had or could have on a nation’s government. My oldest will definitely continue his journey with Pathway to Liberty’s History Curriculum for the remainder of this school year.

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