Teach Financial Responsibility & Entrepreneurship via The Kingdom Code

Today’s review features a detailed look at popular product offered by The Kingdom Code. This is a complete full year bible based financial course that can be taken as an elective. We received The Complete Starter Kit which includes everything needed to teach money management and encourages entrepreneurship. This kit includes a Textbook, Student Packet, and Teacher’s Guide.

The Kingdom Code’s Make & Manage Money…God’s Way! program was created with students in grades 4-8 in mind. The lessons are designed to be taught in 45-minute increments, twice a week but we tailored it for our homeschool. During our time using this course, Bear was introduced to budgeting, created a business plan for his lawn care services, and learned how to market it.

The Kingdom Code Textbook
This spiral-bound book is 244 pages with completely full-color text and pictures. During our review period, we covered the first five lessons. The beginning of the course covers financial responsibility, different types of businesses, mentorship, and creating a business plan. Various marketing strategies, advertising, and logo design were also covered. From there, encourage your child to go forth with their business because the remainder of the program depends on their efforts.

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Soon Bear will learn bookkeeping, how to create necessary documents, and understand how to use his income. Other lessons cover obtaining and maintaining customers and business analyzation. Each lesson begins with a Kingdom Code, or principle, to live by that is recited out loud. Key business terms and their definitions are also noted throughout the text and in the glossary.

Student Packet
The student packet includes over 120 worksheets filled with activities and additional forms used in the curriculum. Within each lesson are pieces to add to the Treasure Map reward system. This map also tracks progress to the end of the quest at the Treasure Chest. There are extensive reviews provided over the course of the curriculum for four lessons that help prepare your child for the with assessments. The aforementioned vocabulary words are also presented via cardstock flashcards. Three posters sheets are included to insert in the covers of the student workbook and budget binders. A variety of sticker pages for the treasure map, labels for the recommended finance pencil pouches, and a receipt book are also provided. Each student taking this course needs their own Student Pack and an empty binder to place the worksheets.

Teacher’s Guide
The Teacher’s Guide is the parent’s aid when teaching this curriculum. A table of contents, information about the program components, and other helpful resources are located in the front. The lessons are next with plans, teaching tips, and worksheet answer keys. You will need a three-ring binder to house these pages. I also created a cover for it because one was not provided.

As an added bonus, we also received a JR Budget Kit and The Kingdom Code Coloring Book. The budget kit includes a binder cover page, an instruction poster, three coloring sheets, and the aforementioned pencil pocket labels. These items do not come with additional instructions on how to apply the principles. The coloring book has photos of the children seen throughout the textbook. This is nice for younger siblings that want to have school too.

Pros, Cons, & Final Thoughts
I like the use of scripture throughout The Complete Starter Kit material and how entrepreneurship is encouraged. We’ve always taught our cool kids to have their own businesses and the course provides a foundation for that. Next, I like that this is a parent inclusive curriculum, which shows the need for guidance, especially in business. The length of the lessons are too long for our homeschool so we shortened our time to 30 minutes and added an extra day. As Bear progressed, we found the perfect lesson flow so this program could better fit into our day. I would have preferred a spiral bound Teacher’s Guide with a nice cover since it is used often.

Overall, I appreciated the creator’s dedication to teaching fiscal responsibility at a young age. This budgeting system was created to equip children to make wise, bible based decisions on spending, saving and giving. Ultimately, parental guidance and real-life examples are needed to reinforced the lessons. Aside from financial skills, The Kingdom Code program reminds children about the importance of a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and the value of good customer service. Bear looks forward to contining use of The Complete Starter Kit and growing his lawn care business.

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3 thoughts on “Teach Financial Responsibility & Entrepreneurship via The Kingdom Code

  1. We are excited to hear about your son’s lawn care business! I am glad to hear that you were able to find a good lesson flow to fit The Kingdom Code into your homeschool day. We have actually had some people that have used our program as a unit study! We look forward to hearing about your son’s continued success in his business!

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