K-6 Math Games with Matific Galaxy

Today’s review features a walk through our experience using the Matific Galaxy program. This is an online program that features math games for K-6 students. We received a one-year subscription to Matific Galaxy for one child.

Program Details
Matific Galaxy is an award-winning website that features hundreds of math games for K-6 children. These games help review concepts taught in school while providing a relaxing but playful environment. This program was initially created with the added desire to help children easily understand math without any stress or anxiety. The company also wanted to help children improve the math curriculum and standardized test math scores.

How We Used This Program
We used this program three times each week for approximately two months. The program is accessible to most phone browsers and all desktop browsers. There are separate apps for Parent/Teacher and grade level student accounts. These apps are available on iTunes and Google Play. On tablets, the website only works via the Puffin Browser.

After registering, you create a custom login for your child that includes a password. This login information will also be used for the Parent/Teacher and student apps. The Parent/Teacher account features a thorough summary report for your child’s progress. This report includes information about your child’s overall score, understanding of different concepts, strongest subjects, and areas that need improvement. You can also set your child’s grade level and send them motivational notes.

Once your child logs in they are presented with an animated opening screen. This short story details the backstory of the game they are about to play. From there a map showing their progress through the galaxy is available. The children are able to move along the map and play games focused on age appropriate concepts. After each game, their progress is tracked via the map and on the parent/teacher dashboard. The students earn trophies after they fully complete all the games for each of the aforementioned skills.

Pros, Cons, & Final Thoughts

I like the concepts covered at the 6th-grade level. Bear played games that reviewed geometry, measurements, percents, data analysis, ratios, multiplication, division, and more. He thought the games were fun but experienced a few glitches depending on which device he used. I also liked sending my son motivational messages. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a children’s program include motivational messages from parents. This small detail was much appreciated by myself and upon receipt, a pleasant surprise to my son.

Accessing the app proved to be the hardest part of this program. Sometimes log in went smoothly but most cases I had to reach out to customer service for support. We prefer an app to the website for easier access but these issues prohibited this. Another issue to note is the student account is not accessible via the regular browser on all our devices. We had to download the Puffin browser to access this website on tablets. On my Galaxy Note, the website only worked on the Chrome browser; however, the visual specs weren’t correct. Even in desktop mode, you couldn’t see the entire play screen which made it difficult to maneuver. Student progress was another issue we dealt with on occasion. My son would work through the program and the next day his previous progress wasn’t there. Then, some days later, the progress might randomly be added. This was confusing to both of us and frustrating to him.

I know I mentioned a myriad of major cons but I do think this program has potential. With some work in updating the app and website access, this program can be a fun supplement for younger children. I like the colorful graphics, space theme, and games available. I did go through the lower grade levels and definitely think this would be fun for K-4 children. My son liked the idea of this online subscription but the issues outweighed the positives for him. He said the games were fun but he can have a better learning and gaming experience on other apps.

Based on our experience, we will only occasionally use Matific Galaxy for the upcoming school year. Their desire to boost your child’s math performance is evident but the interface needs a lot of work. I plan to check back on this math program once a week and provide an update in a few months.

Click the photo below to read how Homeschool Review Crew members are using Matific Galaxy in their homeschool.

Happy homeschooling,

Ta’Neisha Kemp

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16 thoughts on “K-6 Math Games with Matific Galaxy

  1. The accessibility and progress issues would definitely be frustrating for us! I hope they work these issues out, because otherwise it sounds like a great program. Thanks for the review!

  2. I like the parental motivation part of this online curriculum, but I would definitely need ease of use to consider it for our homeschool. Thanks so much for your honest review.

  3. My kids always loved math games, especially in elementary. It really helps to solidify those basic math skills!

  4. I hope the fix the tech issues soon, because you made it seem like so much fun! I think the ability to send motivational messages is genius! Keep us posted on the update.

  5. I love the motivational message, I find my son is motivated best by kind soft words and this would work so well for him.

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