Review: Wooden Building Planks (Brain Blox)

The cool kids have been enjoying Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks during their morning warm-up and after lunchtime. These wooden planks have been our go-to in starting the school day. These were created by Brain Blox and we’ve been using them for approximately six weeks.

We received the set of 200 planks and the items arrived neatly packaged in a box along with a pamphlet featuring building ideas. These planks are flat, rectangle blocks that can be used by children ages 4 and up. The box also included a red drawstring bag to store the planks in. The bag is nice quality but I prefer to store them in the box so I can easily place them in our game closet. This also helps me keep track of any planks that are missing.

We used the planks each morning for warm-up time with all of my cool kids. Bam Bam and Princess preferred making attempts to recreate the photos on the pamphlet while Bear leaned towards towers. As the children created masterpieces I used these to review numbers and letters with Princess. I also found these helpful when practicing addition and subtraction with Bam Bam. Bear eventually created a unique, tumble tower game with these.

These wooden blocks are also noted to:

  • Be an educational STEM toy! Building blocks can help children learn math, physics, & engineering concepts. These also promote problem-solving, reasoning, and, logic.
  • Inspire creativity and imaginative play allowing boys and girls the ability to design whatever they think of. This type of fun, open-ended, limitless play means you can turn the screen off.
  • Be made of natural, non-toxic, dye-free, and chemical-free pine wood.

Brain Blox University also offers FREE resources and an eBook to help use these blocks. The Curriculum for S.T.E.M. introduces younger children to 3-D objects, perfects fine motor skills, and improves hand-eye coordination. This curriculum is broken down by age and skill level. There are lessons on building numbers are for younger children and spatial intelligence lessons for older children.

Over 50 Brain Blox Let’s Build! Cards are available, each with various levels of difficulty. I printed these out, laminated them, and turned them into dual-sided cards. Bear found it entertaining to recreate while timing himself then, he worked to beat that record. These cards pair well with the Brain Blox University Curriculum for S.T.E.M.

The Brain Blox World eBook offers numerous design ideas for building towers, plants, transportation, animals, buildings, and much more. Brain Puzzles offer older users the chance to enhance their cognitive thinking, spatial thinking, and problem solving skills. Each puzzle is more challenging than the next to test and enhance the players abilities.

For additional details on Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks, watch this video

Overall, the building possibilities for these blocks are endless and can be enjoyed by all. My cool kids appreciated the simple Brain Blox design and found these toys to be easy to use. Be mindful of the corners on the Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks, especially with younger children. Princess is 4 and did fine with them but I don’t recommend these for children younger than that.

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