Review: Fun Family Chess (Brain Blox)

Brain Blox has created a new, introductory and beginner-friendly game of Chess for all ages. Fun Family Chess is a two-player game that offers families an opportunity to learn something new while enjoying each other’s company.

Game Set & Play

Instruction Manual: This booklet provides completely colored directions for set up and play. Each directive has an accompanying illustration and several motivational cartoons are placed throughout. Information about transitioning to standard Chess play with gameplay illustrations and instructions are also included. Eight tips and strategies for playing the standard version give insight on how to improve your skills over time.

Game Board: This wooden game board is top quality and perfectly crafted. The board is labeled so each player knows where to set their game pieces. This board also doubles as storage for everything provided. The board folds in half and latches on the side to hold the items.

Game Cube: This six-sided die is used to pick which game piece moves. The star side means you can pick any piece you desire.

Reference Cards: Two cards show the ways each piece can move via detailed illustrations. Additional movement instructions are also placed alongside the pictures. These cards are extremely sturdy and should last a long time.

Game Pieces: The 32 pieces are wooden and a large size that fits comfortably in small fingers. Each set of 16 is housed in a black storage bag.

Fun Family Chess is different from standard Chess because you don’t use a cube to direct your next move. In this game, Pawns are not promoted once they cross the board. You also win by capturing the King rather than check or checkmate. There are a few more slight differences but the transition to standard chess should be seamless after a while of playing Fun Family Chess. This version of the game introduces players to the details of moves while preparing them for the complexities and strategies of chess.

For additional details on Fun Family Chess, watch this video playlist.

Final Thoughts

We have played this game ten times so far with participants ranging in skill and from ages 4 to 60 years old. Each time we include a beginner and they were able to easily navigate through the game with the reference cards. The skilled players thought the directions were perfect for beginners and those that want to improve. All parties enjoyed playing this version and thought it was a fun introduction to standard Chess. People also noted that the top quality products also make this a beautiful board for any chess player to be proud of. Brain Blox crafted a fun, creatively designed product that will last for years to come.

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