Review: Thinkwell Honors 6th Grade Math

Today’s review features a detailed look at a Thinkwell online mathematics course. This video-based curriculum includes a variety of 6th to 8th Grade Math including Pre-Algebra and Honors level classes. Essential and Honors High School math options are also available from Algebra to Calculus. We received access to Honors 6th Grade Math and this class was taken by Bear, our 11-year-old cool kid.

Thinkwell Overview
Thinkwell provides online, video courses for students in 6th grade through college. Their online classes are instantly and easily accessible, 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Once purchased, you’ll have instant access to your online subscription for 12-months with the option to purchase extensions as needed. Each instructional video is approximately 5-10 minutes with closed captioning and printable transcripts available.

What We Received

Bear chose to take the Honors 6th Grade Math after he took the placement test. Instructed by Professor Edward Burger, this course includes over 200 video lessons featuring illustrations, artwork, and definitions of key math terms. Detailed practice worksheets, course notes, reviews, quizzes, midterms, and final exams are specifically formatted for this 36-week curriculum. Lesson plans are provided but your child can work through the course as necessary in your homeschool.

Bear’s Homeschool Experience
Bear used this course daily and followed the lesson plan my mom printed out. We didn’t need to modify the plan much to go with our regular four-day homeschool schedule. He did one complete lesson each day which included a video followed by the practice exercises, reading the notes, and a printable worksheet. After a week or so he took a quiz and a test was given at the end of each chapter.

“I liked the ease of the curriculum because the entire lesson only took me about 30 minutes to do. The instructor was fun to watch and the practice questions were very helpful. I just wish they had an app, rather than using the website. ”

Bear 11 years old

Pros, Cons, & Final Thoughts
I appreciate Thinkwell’s various learning paths and that they will customize a plan to fit your child’s homeschool schedule or future ambitions. These lessons were easy for Bear to follow and he appreciates the user-friendly website. We both agree that an app would be a great addition to this program. There were a few times when we had to refresh the page and run a bandwidth test because the videos wouldn’t load. Other than that, we didn’t have any issues while working through the course. I also liked their resource area which included additional course printables and practice websites. We believe the Honors 6th Grade Math class is truly designed to challenge yet strengthen skills all while creating math confidence in students. This course is a grand addition to our homeschool and Bear will continue using it.

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