FREE ART CLASSES: Michaels Maker Space

This week we had the extraordinary opportunity to tour and participate in the new Makerspace at our local Michaels®. This creative space is coming to a store near you and the Cool Kids are excited about it.

The location for this space varies depending on your store layout. At our store, the Makerspace is right up front near the registers. Before creating, a waiver must be signed for those participating. You must also sign your children in/out via their sign-in sheet. The area is decorated beautifully with a calendar of events, TVs with crafting videos playing, and plenty of table space. This creative space includes access to a variety of art supplies including paint, brushes, Cricut machine, glitter galore and much more!

The Makerspace allows people to host classes that vary in craft style and cost. There are also several FREE Make it, Take it! crafts available for you to complete while you visit the space. Michaels® staff also offers FREE classes with the occasional requirement to bring or purchase supplies for participating. These spaces have been around since 2018 and are currently are at select locations. According to the staff the creative classrooms will become accessible at more Michaels® locations in 2020.

While there the children made yarn turkeys and bead pumpkins. I made a canvas painting and all the needed supplies were provided for me. We enjoyed our tour and the crafts we made with the helpful staff. We will definitely be visiting Michaels® twice a month for art classes and craft sessions. I think this an awesome way to teach your children art and enjoy it with them. We recommend the Michaels® Makerspace classes for children and adults ages 3 and up.

Comment below:

Does your local store have a Makers Space? If so, have you used it? If not, would you like to have one nearby?

Make this week creative,

Ta’Neisha K.

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One thought on “FREE ART CLASSES: Michaels Maker Space

  1. Thanks for sharing. I Forgot about looking for art classes at Michaels. We took a few of the classes back in the summer. I love it! I am not a naturally artsy person, so it helps a ton. I also like that the mess is made at the store and not always at home.

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