Review: Not If, But When (Preparing Our Children For Worldly Images)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. Introduction and discussion of sex are often described as an awkward but necessary conversation for all parents to have. The key part about having “the talk” is to initiate it BEFORE your child is exposed to inappropriate images. Because of this, Christian Focus has published a scripture-based discussion guide called Not If, But When.

Christian Focus is known for providing scripture infused literature for young children. Not If, But When by John Perritt applies this same concept in discussing sex and pornography. This book provides separate text from a girl’s perspective and a boy’s perspective. While listening to the stories of Sarah or Samuel you’ll be able to discuss the problems and challenges they encounter. You’ll also be able to share the truth about God’s wonderful gift of sex with your children. Each chapter includes a scripture reading and two teaching points. These hardback books are 56 pages, include eight chapters and a conclusion for each perspective. Special introduction pages for parents and children are also provided.

Did you know the average age range for exposure to pornography is 8-11 years old?

As access to images and videos only becomes easier, it is up to you to ensure your children are biblically equipped equip and educated. Parents should not avoid this subject but should encourage age-appropriate conversations with all their children. That’s why this book was designed to be read alongside your child. The discussions presented by the text allow you to share the truth of God’s Word about sex before they hear the devil’s lies from the world.

My husband and I read through this book first to understand the context and how the topics were being shared. We also discussed when we would work through this with our son as well as what ages we might share this with our other children. We decided to read through the book three times a week. We did not use this book to introduce sexual education to our child. However, we did use the stories to reiterate our points of purity, marriage, God’s desires for our lives. We also used the provided examples of peer encounters to warn about temptations and situations that can occur. Using the book three times a week allowed us to present additional information or answer any questions our son had.

This book does a good job of presenting material through relatable stories and up to date terms. I liked that it covered how a simple day out with friends can include plenty of opportunities for our children to be introduced to inappropriate materials. Mentions of social media and peer pressure are followed by real-time responses. Having the same storylines for the different perspectives allow for comfort when talking about such a sensitive topic.

My husband and I agree that this book should be any parent’s initial introduction to a conversation about sex or pornography. I always implore parents to have conversations early to ensure their children are biblically equipped and educated. Remind your children daily that they can always come to tell you about everything. I suggest reading Not If, But When yourself to see what information you’ve already covered or need to introduce to your child. Then, have those discussions before you present this book. I also recommend that you read through this material with your children, no matter how old they are. Access to pornography only gets easier but early conversations and Bible-based education are the GREATEST TOOLS against satan’s push for silence on this subject.

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