Review: Math Shed & Spelling Shed

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. Looking for fun ways for your child to practice math or spelling? Math Shed and Spelling Shed offer creative ways to learn and review concepts. Today’s products were created by EdShed, a company that desires to design resources to supplement Language Arts and Math curriculum. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION We received a one-year subscription to both Math Shed and Spelling Shed. Each program features a specialized website of Elementary level learning games. These engaging activities include parent tracking and can be used by up to five children.

Spelling Shed is unique because it can be used as a full spelling curriculum or customized as a supplement. The bee themed website cones pre-loaded with Dolch, Fry, and other well-known spelling lists. The lists are grade-level specific and are aligned with national education standards. Customization is available via setting up assignments, creating spelling lists, tracking your child’s progress, and data about spelling mistakes. You can also play live multi-player Hive Games with other students enrolled in the program.

Math Shed has games that review addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, number pairs, and much more. The space-themed menu is organized by math concepts rather than grade level so younger children will need assistance. Each section has an array of questions to enhance math fluency and includes reward points for correct answers. Within the concept menu, you’re also able to select your preferred level of difficulty. Detailed data reports reveal progress made as well as areas that need improvement or have been mastered.

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OUR ROUTINE & FINAL THOUGHTS We used these websites for 15 minutes approximately three times a week. These were used by my cool kids during transition times in-between teaching lessons. We worked through the websites using the Safari browser on an iPad. After the initial login parents can create profiles for their children. Your children will receive their own login information and the ability to customize their Avatar as well. We mostly used the included wordlists for each of the games. My younger children preferred Spelling Shed because of how easy it was to use. My oldest leaned more towards Math Shed because of the space theme and ability to pick exactly what concepts he wanted to review.

I appreciated that this program was able to be used by multiple children. Since I have three children homeschooling I’m always on the lookout for companies that create multi-player programs, under one family account, and offer it for an affordable price. We live in an extremely rural area so I was also grateful that these programs include online and offline activities. On rainy days we were still able to use both websites with minimal issues. In fact, the only problem we encountered with the websites was the music wouldn’t play from time to time. That wasn’t noticeable so my children didn’t have a problem continuing their use of both Math Shed and Spelling Shed.

With Spelling Shed I liked the practice games, activities, and worksheets. Using installed lists with the added bonus of creating custom word lists was my favorite option. The Math Shed website was a good tool to use as a math class warm-up or review for my oldest. Since my cool kids enjoyed them, these supplement websites will continue to be a part of our weekly routine.

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