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Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.CTCMath offers online lessons for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade. This award-winning curriculum is available to homeschool families and one subscription allows access for all your children. Today we are taking a walk through some of the new features CTCMath offers.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
We received a 12-month Family Membership for Princess, Bam Bam, and Bear. Each lesson includes a video tutorial, step-by-step instructions, example questions, and practice sessions. All lessons, reviews, and tests are available online and there is an option to print practice worksheets at your leisure. Each child has the option to create their own login but all accounts can be accessed via the parent account.There are over 1400 video tutorials and summaries available on the CTCMath website. Each video is approximately four to ten minutes and provides clear step-by-step instructions. The one on one teaching time explains the concepts in an easy to follow format. Math is built upon the basic concepts so it is imperative that your children understand something before they practice it. Since the directions pair well with the animation and written examples from the instructor it helps reach children with various learning styles including audio, visual, and kinesthetic.Following each math tutorial video, there are interactive questions available to practice the concept. These items are solely based on the video tutorials the children have just watched. An optional printable worksheet is also available which tests the understanding of key concepts. You can also customize practice worksheets or questions. By doing this, you can easily control and adjust the duration, difficulty, and type of questions. Weekly Revision Sets are another great tool included in this curriculum. These focus on specific concepts and are broken down by grade level. Using these can help your child review and close learning gaps.

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A one page summary of each tutorial can also be printed and used as notes or review material. These sheets can also be used as a guideline as it provides the student with concise and complete notes from the math tutorial they just learned. We used these as visual aids for the worksheets I created as their daily warm-ups or review. If your child needs additional help or review, print out the worksheet solutions for details about every step needed to correctly solve the math problem.

My favorite feature of this program is the extensive reports provided to the parents. These reports monitor each child’s progress, areas that need additional help, and establish an overall grade. These comprehensive progress reports also include login attempts, grades for each lesson, and time spent on the program. Parents can also see their child’s continued growth for all the years they’ve used this program.

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Princess, Bam Bam, and Bear used this program four times each week during school. I created all of their daily assignments for the next week on Fridays. We like that the video tutorials offer precise yet short instruction that can keep children of all ages engaged. Since the videos are not lengthy even my youngest is able to pay attention without getting easily distracted.

Having the option to use one math program for all my children is a great benefit as well. This saves money overall and allows me not to learn several different programs for educating my children. The ease of assigning, viewing reports, and testing are provided throughout every aspect of this program. This is definitely a user-friendly interface and we have enjoyed using this time and time again. Finally, CTCMath is trustworthy and unique because it offers a 12-month moneyback guarantee! Knowing that these amazing features are backed by the guarantee makes me feel comfortable recommending this curriculum to my friends.

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