Review: ThemeVille Math Elementary Curriculum

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

This week’s review features our thoughts on the ThemeVille Math Grade 2 curriculum. This complete math course includes a Worktext book, Solutions book, and access to online teaching videos.

ThemeVille Math, created by Dr. Avi Patil, provides complete curriculum books for children in First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade. We received the Grade 2 Worktext book and the Solutions book. Our package was processed and shipped quickly and the package arrived within one week.

The Worktext book is over 500 pages with 120 daily pre-lessons, 120 daily lessons, and 10 tests. The pre-lessons are a review of the previous lessons covered. The initial 10 pre-lessons focus on reviewing math covered throughout the First-grade worktext book. From there, the remaining pre-lessons incorporate questions from various classes so your child can continue to practice. The daily lessons focus on learning one concept at a time and include plenty of practice problems. New concepts are mastered gradually by breaking them into smaller steps. After learning something new, that concept is practiced the next day on the daily warm-up review page.

Daily Lesson concepts include:
  • Place values
  • Multiplication/Division within 100
  • Odd numbers
  • Even numbers
  • Long addition
  • Long subtraction
  • Arrays
  • Number lines
  • Money
  • Writing numerals as words
  • Number comparison
  • Rounding
  • Plane/Solid figures
  • Perimeter
  • Telling Time
  • Calendar
  • Graphs
  • Word problems

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Ten tests are also included throughout the Worktext book. Each test is worth 20 points and the grades are written in the Appendix located in the back of the book. The total grade for the year is calculated based on your child’s cumulative points for all tests. Video lessons are available for each grade level Worktext book. These can be accessed by creating a FREE login account on the ThemeVille Math website. The book can be used without the videos but having the option is helpful for students that need extra help. A math manipulatives package is also available as an optional purchase with this set. These take your child’s math from visual learning with insightful pictures to kinesthetic learning.

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OUR ROUTINE & FINAL THOUGHTS Prior to receiving this curriculum, I had Bam Bam take the Placement Test from the website. Based on those results, I chose the Grade 2 set and created an account to access the videos. I did not purchase the manipulatives from the website because I already own similar items. We used the ThemeVille Math curriculum daily during the review period. I think the Worktext book provides plenty of practice for your child however the concepts must be taught by you or via the video. The pages in the Worktext book offer minimal instruction so I do recommend using the first page to teach the concept. Then, allow the back page of the daily lesson to be used as practice.

The pre-lessons are a great aid for ensuring concept retention and work great as a warm-up and review of the topics studied. The included tests are a great addition to this curriculum and each covers plenty of material. Overall, the reviews, lessons, and tests pair well together and allow adequate time to perfect learned concepts before introducing the newer ones. The format of the book encourages your child to solve problems independently. After teaching the new concepts, our son was able to work through the lessons with minimal assistance. We do recommend ThemeVille Math Grade 2 curriculum but suggest including a few minutes to teach the concept or watch the video prior to completing the new lesson worksheets.

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