Midnight Blue & Bling Nails

Did you know that I do my own acrylic nails? I always share my creations on my @Married2KDK on Instagram via #TUKnails. This week I wanted to go with a midnight blue color featuring a pop of opal and pink.

I also gave my Princess a foil manicure using pink polish and purple foil.

Here is a list of the products I used on our nails:
  • Finger Paints Base Coat
  • Orly Choreographed Chaos
  • China Glaze Rainbow
  • China Glaze Grover It
  • Milani Ink Spot
  • Lisa Kon Shimmer Top Coat
  • Mia Secret Glass Finish

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m glad that this nail appointment turned out exactly as I wanted. You can see more photos and specific products by tapping the photo below.

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You’re more than beautiful,

Ta’Neisha K.

******* ******* ******* *******

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