Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 (New & Improved)

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Teaching Textbooks offers a variety of online homeschool math curriculum for students in upper elementary, middle school, and high school. Now, these courses can be accessed via new and improved Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0! Bear participated in the Math 7 course and we were a part of the transition from the 3.0 interface to the new app. Let’s learn what Teaching Textbooks have to offer.


Teaching Textbooks is a comprehensive homeschool math program designed to educate and increase your child’s confidence through multimedia step-by-step concept tutorials. This program also grades every single problem and helps with corrections. So parents, no more grading lessons, homework, quizzes, or tests! Students will learn math concepts at their own pace making it easier for them to retain the information. This program also encourages students to work independently while parents monitor via their dashboard. Hints, second chances on problems, and a printable ebook are available through the parent account. This friendly and fun interface provides eye-catching animations, collectible buddies and characters, stickers, and much more to keep them engaged. Even high school students can easily learn Geometry and Pre-Calculus without fear.

Grades and Courses:

  • Math 3: Third-grade math including addition, subtraction, place value, multiplication, etc.
  • Math 4: Fourth-grade math including division, ven diagrams, improper fractions, etc.
  • Math 5: Fifth-grade math including polygons, perimeter, two and three-digit multiplication, etc.
  • Math 6: 6th-grade math including percent, rounding decimals, various units of measure, etc.
  • Math 7: 7th-grade math including mental math, divisibility, statistics, etc.
  • Pre-Algebra: rational numbers, decimals, graphing, tree diagrams, absolute value, etc.
  • Algebra 1: Scientific notation, Quadratic Equations, polynomials, measures of dispersion, etc.
  • Geometry: lines, angles, triangles, The Pythagorean Theorem, prisms, slopes, etc.
  • Algebra 2: square root of a negative, roots and irrational numbers, simplifying, etc.
  • Pre-Calculus: vectors and polar coordinates, triangle Trigonometry, rational function, polynomial functions, etc.

The famous and familiar techniques of this curriculum continue with the improvements of the Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 interface. New technology allows your child to easily access their math course through an app. This app was carefully designed to be used on a variety of mobile phones as well as Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, and KindleFire tablets. All audiovisual content has also been completely revamped so lessons now have crisper sound and clearer graphics. This truly mobile version can have a new scratchpad feature so students can work through each problem. The grade book also calculates a running course average and includes an option to send out daily assignment update emails to parents. Students will also enjoy more backgrounds, creative characters, and additional prizes.

Bear worked through most of the Math 7 course and participated in the transition from 3.0 to 4.0. We used 3.0 a few years ago and had a hard time getting it to work on our tablets. Since Bear had to use it solely via laptop or on the Puffin Browser we decided to discontinue use of the course. The 4.0 program on the iPad was a dream come true for convenience and ease of use. For those with multiple children, each child having their own app means no confusion in setting up or accessing lessons. Bear liked the upgrades but actually chose to discontinue the use of this program. He enjoyed the lessons but he just prefers a different math program. Since it is his education, I let him use what he enjoys. I thought the upgrades were a great improvement and the drastic difference in sound and graphics is quite noticeable. You can tell that this course is designed specifically for homeschoolers. I also like the program option to pause your purchase for up to three months! This allows you to take breaks without it counting against your subscription time. Teaching Textbooks Math 4.0 has eased the burden of math for parents and students in elementary through high school.

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