Make History Come Alive with Figures in Motion

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Does your child enjoy history lessons?

Are you searching for a creative way to introduce poignant figures in your homeschool?

Then Famous Figures of the Civil War by Figures In Motion is just what you need! This book makes history come alive through the creation of articulated paper dolls of influential people from various time periods. By using this hands-on activity book, creative lessons, and your child’s imagination your homeschool will be buzzing with excitement. These books are available for purchase directly from the website and some include a printable PDF version.


Figures In Motion books were designed to inspire creativity and excitement about history in elementary-aged children. Cathy designed these products to pursue her passion for providing activities for reluctant learners, teachers looking for projects, and homeschool families. Each book includes a variety of paper dolls featuring prominent men and women from different eras in history. These dolls are also articulated which means that can be created with arms and legs that move!

We received the Famous Figures of the Civil War book, hole punch, bookmark, and additional resources about the company. Small brads or plated fasteners will be needed to complete this product. Our package didn’t include those but this item can easily be found at local craft or grocery stores. Each figure is created in two versions; one full-color copy and one drawing that can be colored. This book has ten figures available including Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglass. Detailed descriptions of each person are also included in the front of the book.

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Assembly Instructions:

  • Pick your doll of choice and color if necessary
  • Cut out the arms, legs, and other body parts
  • Use the ⅛” hole punch to create small holes in the designated areas.
  • Align the parts by using the Alphabetical Guide on the back of the doll.
  • Use mini brads (plated fasteners) to connect the joints of your paper doll
  • Pair the doll with a creative lesson and use your imagination to make them move and come to life

All 10 dolls in the Famous Figures of the Civil War book are printed on card stock pages to make sturdy creations. Each doll is clothed in items from the Civil War era so enjoy the tailored suits and beautifully designed dresses. The pages may be laminated before cutting the pieces out to make the doll stronger for younger children. All dolls are clearly labeled on the back with a Letter Key for easy identification and assembly. After assembly, each doll is approximately 12 inches tall.

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We used the Famous Figures of the Civil War book by Figures In Motion in conjunction with our Civil War unit study. I chose this intending to only use it with Bam Bam but found that my younger children, Princess, and middle schooler, Bear, also enjoyed them. We have never used this type of product in our homeschool before and that made using this book much more fun. Neither of my children had problems cutting out or assembling the pieces. If you plan on reusing these or letting younger children play, I do suggest laminating each doll before assembly.

My favorite feature of this book is the descriptions of each person at the beginning of the book and the read-aloud list. The book list is a great teaching resource of things to use before the craft or while your child is making the dolls. When I use these again next year, I will pair them with biographies during a different timeline unit study. We recommend the Famous Figures of the Civil War book to pair with any American history curriculum. We also cannot wait to try other Figures In Motion products.

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