YWAM Publishing’s Heroes of History Biography series & Unit Studies

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Today’s review features a detailed look at Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate by Janet and Geoff Benge. This book is included in the Heroes of History series by YWAM Publishing. The unique biography series includes 29 books that detail remarkable true stories of notable men and women. This series can be purchased as a set or each title can be purchased individually.

YWAM Publishing’s Heroes of History series shares engaging biographies told in narrative format. Each book provides history, geography, government, science, and personal testimonies. These books can be used as curriculum supplements for children 10 and older or used as a family read-aloud. The Heroes of History series can also be used as a stand-alone curriculum. Each book also includes a digital Unit Study Curriculum Guide that provides lessons, craft ideas, comprehension questions, as well as teaching tips for classrooms and homeschools.

The digital Unit Study Curriculum Guide for Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate book can easily be used with various subjects in your homeschool. The activities are easily adaptable for a wide variety of learning styles and grade levels in an individual or group setting. While reading the biography and working through the curriculum you’ll explore social studies, languages arts, reading comprehension, vocabulary, as well as arts and crafts projects. An annotated list of books, articles, movies, and websites is also included for further study.

The Heroes of History series can be used as your core homeschool U.S. History Curriculum. Your child will gain a panoramic view of American history by reading biographies and completing each digital Unit Study Curriculum Guide. As a reading-based program, your child will read several biographies from each time period and complete corresponding projects over one or two years. They’ll learn about European exploration, the American Revolution, the expansion of the United States, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and national economic growth, World War I, World War II, and beyond. Character education allows a unique approach to learning about influential people in history. This program is flexible so the curriculum timeline can be adjusted to fit your schedule. You can also adjust your approach and use this program to supplement your United States history curriculums.

We chose to review the Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate book from this series. Milton Hershey is known for the candy bars many enjoy but this book focuses on his life before their debut in 1905. Milton fought against people’s opinions to launch his candy. While battling massive debt, fatigue, and an unsupportive family he stayed dedicated to achieve his dream.

Will Milton continue to sacrifice to become successful?

Can the famous chocolatier and philanthropist push forward in life with only a fourth-grade education?

Despite the weight of his father’s absence and constant costly mistakes, Milton Hershey never gave up! His persistence and hard taught wisdom took his passion for creating sweet things allowed his company to soar. Milton then used his wealth to care for others by creating a school for needy children as well as an educational, health care, and cultural foundation. He also founded the town specifically for Hershey workers.

We opted to use the Parent-Directed Study methods suggested in the information from the Unit Study Curriculum Guide. By doing this we discussed the meaning and relevance of key quotes in the Milton Hershey: More Than Chocolate book. We also created a Hershey Collection collage that featured items and a description to provide an introduction and timeline of Milton’s hometown and popular events surrounding the debut of his chocolates. By pairing your studies with narrative biographies, you’ll truly make history relatable in real-time for your children. We feel the Heroes of History series and complimentary digital Unit Study Guides by YWAM Publishing allow students to understand history from the personal perspective of key historical influencers. After each book, expect your child to have a true and memorable connection with the character and that time period. We recommend this series for families to use as a read-aloud or to enhance their history curriculum.

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