Creative Writing Tips & Techniques for Teens

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Are you ready to make creative writing come alive for your teenager? Then Creative Word Studio Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 has the exercises, tips, and techniques you’ll need in your homeschool. This book was created by Andrew and Jennifer Yoder to provide Christian writing exercises for children and teens.


Creative Word Studio, by Andrew and Jennifer Yoder, was designed by a teacher and writer with a passion for providing educational experiences that glorify God. This couple also desired to help parents by making it easier to teach creative writing to their children. In doing so, they designed Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 1 and Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2.

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We received the Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 intermediate-level creative writing course. This spiral-bound workbook provides 75 mini writing exercises from a Christian perspective for students in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. These activities were designed to aid students in creative thinking or pushing past their personal writer’s block. Creative Word Studio exercises practice free writing and include information examples learn from professional authors. Some of their elements will also be introduced to explore revising writing pieces. Several lessons throughout the book have a “gold piece” icon on the top of the page. These lessons are suggested to revise, edit, and rewrite to create a final polished writing piece.

The Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 is full of exercises that offer opportunities to improve writing skills and increase confidence. Though this workbook can be used as a curriculum, it is suggested by Creative Word Studio that the assignments be graded via continual feedback, comments, and encouragement. By doing so, you can highlight the critical areas of improvement, note positive corrections, and congratulate them on applying successful techniques. A rubric is located in the back of the book that can be used to assist with grading. This will be helpful when editing the gold star pieces for writing projects.


I had my oldest work through one lesson each week during the review period. I opted to have Bear complete the writing exercise on Monday and I reviewed and made suggestions on Tuesday. On Wednesday he used my notes and his own to revise and rewrite his writing piece. By using one exercise a week, we were able to work through the writing process and make necessary adjustments. I preferred this method because my son is advanced in writing and is ready to focus on turning small things into final pieces.

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We found this curriculum to be concise and straightforward with the ability to be easily adapted. I think the exercises in Sparkling Bits of Writing Book 2 are best for students in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade. I appreciated the simple layout of the book, the variety of writing methods shown, and the myriad of examples provided. Currently, the Creative Word Studio books are available to purchase directly from the company website.

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