BOTW: After She Falls by Carmen Schober

After She Falls by Carmen Schober presents a thorough, relatable, and exciting story of Adri Rivera and Max Lyons. Before my review, I must note that this book does contain descriptions of physical abuse and mixed martial arts matches. Each occurrence does help the character’s story flow and provide clarity to their current situation, coping mechanism, and growth in faith. Now, with that note, let’s jump into After She Falls.

Adri Rivera is a fighter that returns to her hometown after acting on her courage and finally leaving an abusive marriage. Upon arrival, she must face those she abruptly left behind as a teen, especially Max Lyons. Max was heartbroken when his best friend left to join the fighting circuit and get married. Now, Max runs a local gym where Adri can use her fighting skills to make a living. Throughout the book, both continuously deal with issues and overcome familiar obstacles. You’ll feel connected to each one as they fight to get closer to God, grow in faith, and walk as He guides them.

I found the plight of these characters to be relatable because each reader will be reminded of someone. I appreciate their strength, honesty, and moments of humility. With every word Carmen Schober wrote, I hoped Max and Adri would ultimately become CONQUERORS! Though this is a debut novel, I think she did a great job showing her unique writing style. She kept true to the lingo of mixed martial arts and included real-life frustrations that anyone could understand. She also included wisdom from older people to help Adri along the way. Their presence portrayed how necessary accountability amongst Believers is.

You can find After She Falls in-store or online wherever books are sold. Thank you Bethany House Fiction for the opportunity to read this book. For more information visit:

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