Goal Setting & Accountability Program for Teens

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Today’s review features a detailed look at the TRIVE goal achievement and team building program by GOZIMUS Enterprises, LLC. This program was created to help those ages 15 and older set, work towards, and accomplish their goals.

TRIVE is a 6-month program designed to help participants achieve short-term goals. Each commitment begins with a group Discovery Session where everyone shares their personal goals. Over time participants support each other towards achieving their professed 6-month goals. The program concludes with another group Review Session to assess and celebrate their achievements.

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Check out my favorite features:

  • TRIVE participants improve on commitment, overcoming obstacles, discipline, teamwork, and leadership skills
  • This program can be reused with multiple groups! TRIVE also works well with groups of 4 to 6; however, the program can be adapted for larger groups.
  • The program is designed with parents and family bonding in mind! Yes, TRIVE wants parents to communicate with their teens and adult children about goals. The process puts both all involved on par with each other and creates an atmosphere for meaningful conversations.
  • Motivational and reminder emails are sent throughout the 6 months to all participants. These are concise, single-page messages written from a common-sense perspective designed to push you to continue working towards your goals.

I used TRIVE concurrently with a group of teenagers and a local Women’s Ministry. I was the leader for both groups but had different goals for each one. First, I like the concept of the product and the passion for goal setting with accountability. I appreciate the sleek design of the physical items and how everything conveniently fits into a small box. The only improvements I would make are to include full-length pencils that can be used for more than one complete 6-month session. I also think the Quotables Card Deck should have a box included within the packaging. The other cards are used during the sessions but a box would help keep those organized as well. I also chose not to incorporate the candle or table setting as suggested in the instructions. I didn’t think that atmosphere would work well for the natural conversation I was trying to create with both groups.

The online accountability, leadership tips, and emails are also nice to include for reminders. These would work better for adults as I find that most teens and young adults do not check their email. If using this for a Teen, Youth, or College group I suggest a text message version of this information. I sent the information via text to the teenage group and the emails to the Women’s Ministry group. I also added a monthly call, virtual face-to-face, or in-person meeting once a month with their Coach. This provided added accountability and an opportunity to create a new or build on a current friendship. Finally, I think the Review Session should be a party or celebration rather than a meeting resembling the Discovery Session. I plan to make the end of each session a grand event. Overall I think this program might work best for families, small co-op classes, or youth groups. I think an app version of the TRIVE program by GOZIMUS Enterprises, LLC would work extremely well! This product is available for purchase directly from the TRIVE website.

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One thought on “Goal Setting & Accountability Program for Teens

  1. Dear T’Neisha
    As the creator of TRIVE I thank you for the time and extremely thoughtful work you put into reviewing my product.
    TRIVE is a purpose driven project for me, intended to help teens and young adults find their way, and parents be better parents. Given this important mission I take all feedback seriously.
    Your comments about the pencils, text vs. email, app based product and a Review celebration are great ideas and noted. We agree and are making plans to address.
    Thank you again for your efforts. At a time when our society is being pulled apart TRIVE offers a new way to bring families together. The process places parents and young adults on par with each other, opening and encouraging valuable dialogue that can over time establish a foundation to great achievements for all participants. As noted by so many, it is more than just a game!
    I sincerely appreciate your interest and support and hope you achieve a positive outcome with your groups.
    To Great Achievements,

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