Our Favorite Online Literacy & Math Supplement

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Today’s review features an updated tour of Reading Eggs! This year we received a 1-year subscription to the program which includes Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. This also includes the program’s additional features of Reading Eggspress, Fast Phonics, and Reading Eggs Jr.

Reading Eggs is our favorite online literacy and math supplement! We enjoy the games, lessons, rewards, books, and other resources that teach literacy readiness to children ages 2 to 13 years old. The graphics, organization, and user-friendly interface provided via the website and app were carefully designed for young children to enjoy a self-paced daily reading routine. The app and website use colorful animation, fun characters, songs, and rewards to keep children engaged and motivated.

Mathseeds provides concepts and problem-solving skills to children ages 3 to 9 years old. Each new concept is modeled by one of the five main characters and then they practice the new skill with different activities. Early lessons focus on counting, shape recognition, and numbers. As your child builds their skills they move on to addition, subtraction, measurement, early multiplication, and division. Mental Minute is a brand new area within Mathseeds designed to build fluency with quick recall of basic math facts. Each attempt only takes a minute! These are reminiscent of the quick math worksheets I would do with my class as a child. There are over 100 timed sessions that gradually increase in difficulty as your child progresses. This portion is solely focused on achieving mastery of the concepts in a new, challenging way.

This year, I had Bam Bam and Princess retake the placement tests for Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. Bam Bam passed the tests for each program so he is now solely using Reading Eggspress. This program is for children 7 to 13 years old. Princess surpassed her current level for both programs and was able to move ahead and skip 5 lesson maps. She has also become fond of the Library and reads through five to nine books a week. Each book also ends with a comprehension quiz that assesses their understanding. The detailed reports that are emailed showcase what has been completed, comprehension, and areas of improvement. There are also corresponding activity worksheets that can be downloaded for additional practice.

All of my Cool Kids have used Reading Eggs since 2019. It has been great to see my oldest move on to other things while my younger children are beginning to access all the program features. This program grows with your child and practicing these skills will aid in building a foundation for their future education.

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