BOTW: Quest for the King’s Crown a Last Chance Detectives mystery

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Quest for the King’s Crown by Robert Vernon, from Tyndale House Publishers and Focus on the Family, is the seventh installment of the Last Chance Detectives series.  This series follows the adventures of four friends that find themselves solving various mysteries. During each book, the group learns to push past each test of their friendship and faith. Within the group, Mike is a leader and noted as fearless but often puts his crew in danger. Winnie, the only girl, was known for her knowledge of news and the desert. Ben has a vivid imagination which aids in his ability to problem-solve. Lastly, Spence is a technical genius which makes him the brains of the outfit.

In Quest for the King’s Crown, the crew finds out people aren’t always what they seem during a treasure hunt. Winnie and her friends come across an ancient artifact that could be worth riches beyond their wildest dreams. However, an unexpected break-in that even has the local sheriff puzzled almost puts an end to their plans. Then the arrival of a mysterious stranger makes everyone wonder if this mission is more dangerous than they realized.

We used Quest for the King’s Crown as a family read-aloud and enjoyed how the children worked through realistic issues kids face as they grow up. They help each other learn to overcome fear, trust in God, forgive others, and many more important biblical lessons. We also enjoyed how the Last Chance Detectives wouldn’t stop until the mystery was solved! We appreciate Focus on the Family and its mission to provide engaging, safe, spiritually edifying reading material for all to enjoy.

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