Curriculum HELP!!! What is it? How do I create it? Which one is the best?

When it comes to homeschooling, or teaching at all for that matter, one of the first things that come to mind is curriculum.  Yes, that word is notorious for being famous and infamous but it is most definitely necessary in every educational avenue. Choosing the perfect curriculum can take days, months, it can even takeContinue reading “Curriculum HELP!!! What is it? How do I create it? Which one is the best?”

Our Homeschool History 

So many people have asked me why we decided to homeschool and how we got started. The short answer is through much prayer and a strong pull from God to educate our son, only child at the time, at home.  As a result of being obedient to Him, we’ve watched our son flourish academically andContinue reading “Our Homeschool History “

Homeschool Tips and Tools

Here at Team Kemp Academy we are truly enjoying our homeschool journey. Every day is filled with new discoveries, new tactics to help my children/students stay on task, and opprotunities to create awesome memories. I can’t believe our oldest is starting second grade and our youngest is one month old. Time is certainly flying byContinue reading “Homeschool Tips and Tools”