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So in every confident part of me lies a woman that can encourage herself and others to achieve ANYTHING successfully. I mean it. You need to be uplifted then call on me and “I got you!” However, Science diminishes my confidence. Yep. It completely evaporates every ounce of “I think I can” from my thoughts. I don’t know why because I love the subject but I have a strong fear that I won’t be able to teach it to my children.

Every year in The KEMP Academy life happens and some things get thrown by the wayside into the we’ll get to it pile. Science lands there every year, yet my son still manages to learn everything he is supposed to (based on TEKS) and even surpasses that. Somewhere in between my prayers, our few lessons, the PBS kids app, and Wild Kratts he picks it all up. For that I’m grateful and relieved because it lets me know that even when I don’t know how it is going to work out, GOD WORKS IT OUT.

For our Science curriculum this year we used the Science with Plants, Science with Water, and Science Outdoors books along with unit studies I created for animals and their habitats, dinosaurs, and the water cycle. On the days we didn’t have time to focus on the subject he would play a Science game on the iPad or computer. During our habitats study Wild Kratts was a great help and provided a fun visual for kdk. I also created field trips to complete our unit studies which included an animatronic dinosaur exhibit at a local museum. 

My first quick tip on creating a Science curriculum is to use your resources which include the library (ours has created Science kits for every grade level), friends and family (especially those that teach), and even the local Parks and Recreation Department (they might offer Science classes for children). Next, if you don’t know it then learn it yourself. Not everyone is smarter than a 5th grader so it is okay to go back to the subject and refresh your memory. So much information is available now so definitely study to provide your child with the latest facts. Finally, cover your homeschool in prayer. Everything you need will be provided and that includes a Science curriculum. God has a way of taking care of our needs and even blessing us with our wants when we trust him to fill the void. 

Once I understood that God is in control of EVERYTHING, including The Kemp Academy, I regained my confidence. I’m a Science Superstar!

Check out this fun volcano experiment we created this year. Details on recreating it can be found in the Mount Kemp: The Molten Machine blog post.

Make this day super, 

~Ta’Neisha K.~

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