Homeschool 101: Start Here & Be Encouraged

2020 has been a year filled with unique educational experiences for children and parents alike. During this Pandemic, many parents reached out to me about beginning their homeschool journey. Rather than encouraging them to jump in head first, I opted to walk each person through the process of prayer and preparation. I feel that a decision about your child’s education shouldn’t be rushed. I also noted how the current events shouldn’t make any family rush through learning about all their options.

Within this post, you will find videos and links featuring helpful information to use when making your decision. This information includes knowing the homeschool laws for your state, free curriculum options, reward programs, free trial offers, and much more.

So, you think you want to homeschool? First, WATCH THIS!

I’ve reviewed a plethora of online and physical curriculums for my children. Most of the online options offer FREE TRIALS or low priced trials for your convenience. You can find those by tapping the homeschool option in the menu at the top of this post.

Can’t find the post you’re looking for? SCROLL DOWN and use the search option.

Do you still have questions? Email me via the Contact Form!

After some time, every family eventually responded and was grateful for my suggestion of patience prior to making a decision. It is my sincere hope that these videos and resource links provide you the same peace of mind. It is my ultimate goal to encourage you so feel confident about your journey.

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Happy homeschooling,
Ta’Neisha K.

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