Chronicles of #theLASTbaby


Shortly after our youngest son turned two, we were blessed with the great news that we were going to have another bundle of joy in 2015.  In January of that year we made our fun pregnancy announcement video, and soon thereafter, we got a chance to meet, snuggle, and love on #theLASTbaby.  I kept up with pregnancy updates, as best as I could, via my YouTube channel; however, my blog didn’t get much attention that year.  It was always my intention to share a quick blog update especially for my WordPress family but that third baby was my fifth pregnancy, and I was COMPLETELY WORN OUT for 99.9% of the time.  Princess definitely made her mark as #theLASTbaby and was absolutely worth, as all children are, the pain, pelvic stretching, nausea, all day sickness, constant tears, mood swings, skin changes, and contractions.  It is so funny how once you see those innocent eyes, tiny fingers and toes, and hear that faint cry; you forget every pain and are consumed with pure love.

Though these fun videos may be late, okay they are super-duper late to WordPress; each one is precious to me because we overcame so much during this season of our lives.  In the grand scheme of everything that exists, life is truly short, and every moment should be appreciated and used as an opportunity to become better.  That’s what this pregnancy did for us.  Each and every time we thought we couldn’t deal with another brick, life would happen, but thank God (the father of Jesus) for his perfect peace and guidance.  We came out stronger on the other side and had a beautiful princess to enjoy as a result of our obedience to The Most High.

Below, you will find the chronicles of #theLASTbaby and I hope you enjoy every video.  Also, take a moment to think about how your life has changed during 2016, since 2015, or throughout the 2000s.  Remember that thing you thought was going to take you out of here, ruin everything, and keep you from rebuilding?  Well, I don’t know the details but you are still here so clearly, you survived.  I also hope your faith in Christ grew; you gained wisdom, and are using your testimonies to share the goodness of God.

Life isn’t always easy, but in our family we love our lifestyle and keep it CHRIST style!

Make this week remarkable,


~Ta’Neisha K.


Baby Got Bump Update #1


Baby Got Bump Update #2


Baby Got Bump Update #3

Baby Got Bump Update #4


Baby Got Bump Update #5


Baby Got Bump Update #6


Baby Got Bump Update #7


Baby Got Bump Update #8


Baby Got Bump Update #9


Baby Got Bump Update #10


Baby Got Bump #11


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