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This year we were given an opportunity to try out the newly created, Mystery Science website for FREE.  I quickly welcomed the chance to have this subject completely outlined for me especially because the experiments and instruction are included. Most of the experiments can be done with things you have around your home or that are inexpensive when purchased.

Mystery Science

CONS:  The website is super slooooooowwwwwww.  The videos freeze up each time we used the website and in most cases, we couldn’t get them to work again.  This would happen on every device we used, no matter how great of an internet connection we had. 

PROS:  The website had some creative lessons and my son truly enjoyed them.  He retained the provided information perfectly and looked forward to using the website daily.  Because of the ease of use, our 2nd grader was able to go through the lessons on his own with my supervision.

OVERALL:  Due to the daily delay with the website videos, we had to discontinue use of the website and switch to another curriculum.  We also tried to use the website as a Science supplement; however, the freezing didn’t stop as the website was updated and we preferred not to download the videos.  The website is EXCELLENT, but the frequent delay was the deciding factor to choose a different curriculum for next year.

For a demonstration for this website and how we used it, check out my recent video.

You still have an opportunity to use Mystery Science for FREE via their website.  Though it didn’t work for our homeschool, I’d suggest you try it out to see if your class or children can benefit from it.

**UPDATE 8/17/16**  I did speak to the support team of Mystery Science and they were able to offer some assistance and getting the videos to play better.  Their customer service is exquisite and support team is truly awesome.  We have already decided on a different Science for next year but look forward to trying this company’s program in the future.  For details on the conversation, results, and information about the improved video player check out the updated video below.  As of August 2016, the FREE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION is still available.

Happy homeschooling!


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