Best Wigs For Summer, Summer, Summer Time

I’m the type of woman that loves to change up her hairstyle and color on a whim.  Depending on my outfits, in one week I can wear my natural hair straightened or curly, and then switch to a platinum blonde pixie cut.  I always laugh when I look at #throwback pictures of myself and see a different hairstyle in each photo.  Wearing wigs has given me the opportunity to grow my natural hair and try various hair colors without dyeing it.

In the Lone Star State, the summer heat is nothing to play around with and even though braids are a popular for that season, some still choose to rock wigs.  Personally, I like to switch between braided styles and curly half wigs in the hot season.  Below you will see recent videos of my favorite summer wigs that will keep you stylish and cool during the summer months.

Have you been afraid to commit to dyeing your hair?  With Sensationnel Chic Bob in Summer you can rock the purple and blue hair trend with no remorse.


If you love the look of a loose straw set then check out Moonwalk by Model Model.


Celtic Girl is one of my favorite half wigs and it looks great in every color.


Fab Fringe is a gorgeous human hair unit that looks great in every season as well. You can see that unit and other short looks by clicking this link.

No matter what your personal wig style is , be sure to choose something that will not make your temperature spike during the summer months.  Stay hydrated and keep cool while  rocking  your summer style.


Make this week trendsetting,

~Ta’Neisha K.


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