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Recently I’ve shopped at several online boutiques to add various products to my makeup collection.  I have enjoyed all the items I’ve purchased and I definitely had to share several haul and review videos with you.  If you missed any, consider yourself in luck as we take a quick walk through the beauty aisle of my blog and see the new items I purchased during the first quarter of 2017.

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First, I fell in love with the reviews I’d seen of these gorgeous liquid lipsticks that were premium quality and only cost $1.  Yes, you heard me $1!! But I was able to snag an even better deal and purchase the entire collection of these lippies for $19. So that is 24 lippies for approximately $0.80 each, shipping included.   You can see this array of metallic, matte, and glossy lippies along with their bright blush collection via this video showcasing the Kleancolor company products.


Next I made a trip to ULTA to spend and rack up some points where I happened upon some beautiful highlighters.  I tried out the new J. Cat Beauty You Glow Girl collection and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, design, and staying power of this product.  I most definitely had to create a quick show and tell video to share these babies with you all.



Last, but not least I just happened to click on an email notifying me that Milani cosmetics had a two new blushes and a new bronzer available on their website.  My local drugstores didn’t have either item so I ordered them to continue my Milani collection.  In this recent video you can see up close swatches form a woman a color’s perspective and hopefully it will help you make your decision on whether or not you will purchase them. 


Thanks so much for strolling down the makeup section of my blog and I hope you enjoyed a glimpse (and my review) of all the products shown.  I am on a NO BUY for the month of April and May so I don’t think there will another haul collection post until after my birthday spree.  If you end up purchasing something based off my review please let me know your thoughts.  Also, don’t forget to check out my review and face of the day featuring Black Radiance Beauty products by clocking this radiant hyperlink.


Make this week gorgeous darling,

Ta’Neisha K.

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