April Weight Loss Goals

April Weight Loss 2

So for this month’s weight loss goals I am going to start another 100 day challenge with the new found information I have obtained over the first quarter of 2017.  In this next stage I am going to apply the knowledge and couple it with my fine-tuned workout schedule, dietary changes for enhanced thyroid health, and biblical study.   I feel like the first 100 days were a nice jumpstart but I did have too many waves of passion on/off moments that kept me from achieving all that I could.  I love that I have the weekly videos to share my journey and keep me accountable but I am mostly thankful for my real-time support from my family and friends that have seen me working hard (or hardly working some days) and have committed to continue to push me toward my goal.  I will succeed at this and conquer every fear I have as it pertains to this journey.  I want to ensure that I am here for as long as God has intended me to be and to do that I need my temple to be in tip top shape.


April Weight Loss 5

 Here are my April goals:

1)      NO self-sabotage

2)      Lose 10 pounds

3)      3 mile walk or 8 mile bike ride for PM cardio

4)      Strength training 4 times a week

5)      AM and PM workouts twice a week

6)      NO sugar and NO soda

My weekly rewards for the month include a massage from my husband, uninterrupted bubble bath, new pair of workout shoes, and an extra date night.

April Weight Loss 4 

Thank you for continuing to check-in and support me along this journey.  I will not be posting daily on IG for this second session of the 100 Day Challenge; however, I will be sharing weekly YouTube updates for the remainder of 2017 as promised.  Don’t forget, if you missed a weight loss update or fitness product review this month then you can click this gorgeous and super long hyperlink that will take you through an imaginary virtual portal that ends at the playlist I’ve created.


April Weight Loss 3


Make this week jolly,


Ta’Neisha K.

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Wife to a great husband. Mother to great children. My family is my ministry.

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