DIYs to Try #2

Over the years I’ve definitely enjoyed pulling from the talents bestowed upon me by my truly creative mother and I am always pleasantly surprised when I end up creating masterpieces.  In this quick post I want to share with you three DIYs I’ve tried that are of minimal cost, take a short amount of time, and are great to do in a group setting as well.


DIYs to try 2


Making a DIY Bling Shirt and Family Shirt is something I enjoy doing because they are always great conversation starters and each one carries certain memories.  I made a family shirt with a fun saying on it to wear to functions and it is my favorite because it was my first DIY piece of clothing.  The bling shirt with metallic lips came next and I received so many compliments on this shirt that several of my friends followed my tutorial and created their own.



Next, I decided to update my beauty storage so I set up my camera and recorded a DIY Makeup/Jewelry Storage video.  In this tutorial I share how I transformed my storage with duck tape and some glitter stickers.  I still use these unique pieces now but my collection (and storage) has doubled in size.  Currently I’m designing one for Princess so I can store her hair bows in it.



Finally, I wanted to share my DIY Organic Lip Scrub with you because this project takes approximately three minutes to create using items you already have in your kitchen.  I enjoy using brown sugar and adding beautiful scents like sprinkles of cinnamon or drops of vanilla extract, cocoa powder, or lemon oil.  You can also use a course salt to create scrubs as well.  For organic lip or body scrubs just use organic ingredients and the quality of your homemade product will be even better.



Hopefully these tutorials gave you a bit more confidence in creating your own memorable masterpieces.  My favorite part about these projects is teaching others how to do them and even passing down ideas and inspiration to my family.

Oh and feel free to click this attractive hyperlink for additional DIY inspiration and tutorials.


So, tell me what’s your next DIY creation going to be?


Make this week a masterpiece,

Ta’Neisha K.

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