June Weight Loss Update

june weight loss 1


Hello June!

I’m so excited to share a quick weight loss update with you guys because the scale has been moving in the right direction, thanks to my new friend.  First, thanks for hanging in there with me while I enjoyed my YouTube break.  I may not have been posting weekly weight loss updates but I was checking in via Instagram and Twitter with weight loss related posts from time to time.  I decided to end May and kick start June with a fun video showing off my new, plum colored friend, Fitbit Charge 2 HR.



So now that you’ve caught a quick glimpse of this purple beauty that I’ve owned for nearly three weeks, let’s get into the quick stats for May.

  • Lost 8 pounds
  • Won my first Goal Day challenge with 13,228 steps
  • Won my second Goal Day challenge with 10,086 steps
  • Started the Leslie Sansone: 30 Day Walk Off Kit program **review coming soon**
  • Reactivated my MyFitnessPal account


june weight loss 4

These are just a few things to note because I haven’t taken my measurements or my progress selfies for my fitness journal prior to writing this blog.  I’m just happy that things are continuing to go down, down, down.  I didn’t start the 30 Day Walk Off program until I got my Fitbit because I wanted al those steps to count.  I forgot how fun it was to use a tracker and I’ enjoying competing with my friends and family.  I’m trying to persuade husband to trade in his MJFOX Fitness Tracker (aka FAKEbit) for the official Fitbit; however, he is content so I will leave him be.  His tracker does the same thing mine’s does and I will include a review of that in an upcoming Weight Loss Wednesday video.


june weight loss 7

One thing I did note during this month was that sugar is in so many of the things I enjoy, even if I didn’t know it.  I’ve combated that by making my own, from scratch items to replace the things that carried that sneaky sugar.  I’ve also been very mindful about reading labels to ensure I don’t unknowingly hinder my progress with it.  In addition, our family has found joy in the “new veggie of the month” portion of our family menu.  In fact, I picked up a Happy Planner Recipe Kit so I can always jot down my favorite dishes using the new items or healthier versions of our favorites.


june weight loss 8

Overall, I call May a successful month and I look forward to all June has to offer.  This month I am going on two vacations so I definitely need to be aware so I don’t go backwards on my journey.  So CHEERS to an awesome month ahead!

Make this week amazing,

Ta’Neisha K.

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