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Bear was recently given the grand opportunity to use the K5 Learning online program via a six month subscription and I asked him to help me write this review.  We want to share how you can unlock your child’s potential using the reading, math, and spelling activities available on this website.  K5 Learning is an online supplemental education program that can be used to help your children review what they already know, develop study habits, and fine tune things they need to improve on.  All programs are customized based on your child’s skill level, not grade level, giving them a completely customized learning experience.

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Upon registering for the K5 Learning website you are able to access all areas of the program during your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL.  During our first few uses we gave Bear access to the student login via a personalized username and a creative password which allowed him to complete a few activities while I set up assessments via the parent side.  He took one assessment each day and per the results we decided to move him up to the early skill level, in the next grade level for both reading and math.  This program was designed for kindergarten through fifth grade and you’re able to move your child up or down via early, mid, or late skill level for each grade.  For the remainder of the review period, Bear used the program at least four times per week and he has enjoyed it.


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“K5 Learning is fun!  It helps me grow and it challenges me to actually think things through.  My favorite things in this program are all the math lessons because even though the problems were hard, each lesson takes you through stages that break down the problem for you.  My second favorite was answering the questions while reading and the daily riddles were always funny.  The spelling was great because I learned so many new words and I was able to figure out the words using only the definition.   I recommend it because it helps children to learn all while having fun.”  -Bear, 9 years old.


Though this website is not a complete curriculum, I do find that it is helpful in practicing and reviewing what I have already taught during school.  Each assignment gives your children the opportunity to perfect what they have previously learned which is especially helpful for things you may not have covered in a while.  The reading program covers phonemic awareness, sight words, reading comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary while the math covers numbers and operations, data analysis, measurement, algebra, and geometry.   The spelling portion is unique because it gives children nontraditional lessons and quizzes.  Both spelling sections provide the definition and an example sentence; however, the vocabulary option has you guess the word before hearing it while the spelling tutor option will say the word while you spell it.


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Personally, I enjoyed the immediate feedback given to Bear when he answered something (right or wrong), the short lessons, parent’s report, unique spelling program, and creative lessons with accompanying printable worksheets.  I did find it a bit peculiar that this program was not able to be used on our tablets or iPad so Bear could only use it at home; however, that small con is nothing compared to the numerous benefits you receive with your subscription.  **The subscriptions are available for a monthly or annual basis with the ability to add up to four students per account.**  Overall we’ve enjoyed using this six month subscription to K5 Learning and definitely recommend it.



As always, to read additional reviews about k5 Learning, you can click on this scholarly hyperlink to see various members of the Homeschool Review Crew share their thoughts.


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