Black History Month Teaching Tips for K-12

In this post I share four unique ways to educate children of all ages about African-American History. These tips are sure to allow you to create fun activities for your homeschool while acknowledging the importance of other cultures.

Hair Love wins an Oscar!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone that had a hand in creating Hair Love! This was awarded an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, on Sunday. This tale is beyond adorable paired with confidence and love. Watching a young girl attempt to give her daddy rest while she styled her own hair was the perfect recipe forContinue reading “Hair Love wins an Oscar!!!!”

Importance of Cultural History (February 2019 Homeschool Wrap-up)

February was a busy month for us filled with field trips, celebrations, dissections, and history. Enjoy a few wonderful moments and learn how each culture’s contributions can be included throughout the school year.